Top 10 Eyebrow Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing ASAP

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We all make mistakes on a daily basis. We think of ourselves first, we do not really pay attention, we do not listen, we wear wrong clothes, and so on.

When it comes to makeup, mistakes can make all the difference between looking amazing, and looking like a clown. We all make stupid mistakes, but some are more dangerous than others.

Today, we will talk about eyebrow mistakes, or better said, mistakes we make when we apply makeup to our eyebrows.

With that in mind, read on to see some of the best tips from leading brow experts. If you find anything you are doing on the list, try to correct it. If not, props to you.

Going too dark or too light

going to dark or too light

When choosing brow products, you have to strike the right balance. Many brow experts will tell you that is one shade lighter than your hair color. Anything darker or lighter will look strange and unnatural on your face. Lighter tones are more forgiving. But if you have dark brown hair, go for a light or medium brown powder.

When applying makeup to the eyebrows, remember that they complement the face. They are not there to overpower your features.

Plucking in front of a magnifying mirror

This is a common mistake women make. They think their regular bathroom mirror is not good enough to see their brows. Instead, they go for a magnifying mirror that gives them “a better perspective”. Well, wrong.

When you view your brows too close up, you actually lose perspective on how much hair you have taken off. Stand or sit at an arm’s length distance from the mirror, and you will be just fine.

Tweezing too high

tweezing too high

Speaking of hair removal methods for eyebrows, you should be careful not to tweeze too high. All of us have tweezed our eyebrows every now and then.

Tweezing above the brow could cause you to accidentally tweeze into the arch. And the result is awful. If you have brow hairs above the arch, get a pair of brow scissors instead of tweezers. Brush your brow hair up, and then trim it.

Waxing and threading

threading eyebrow

Every day, we hear about new and advanced methods of hair removal. And that is all good. But some hair removal methods are simply not suitable for your eyebrows.

Take threading or waxing for example. While waxing is great for removing mustaches and hair over your body, it can be disastrous for your eyebrows. Both waxing and threading are great for cleaning up body hair or chin hair, but not your eyebrows.

Waxing, for example, will round your brows, and make your face look older. As for threading, it is simple, not possible to see what you are doing, as you have to end up looking over your shoulder during the process. And that might make you lose perspective.

Over plucking

There are many mistakes when it comes to hair removing methods. We talked about tweezing, waxing, threading, and now, let’s talk about plucking. It is one of the most popular and common ways of removing eyebrow hair. If you find yourself over-plucking once in a while, it is completely normal. But if you are doing it regularly, and making it a habit, then something is wrong.

Some women over-pluck their brows, and then they try to correct them. And they end up making matters worse. It is a rabbit hole you are just going to deeper and deeper. Instead, at this point, it is best that you schedule a visit to the beauty salon, and let the pros do their job. After all, you wouldn’t cut your own hair, right?

The highlighter issue

too much highlighter

The highlighter is one of the best ways to finish off your makeup look. You have filled your eyebrows, and now you just want to add a touch of highlighter just below the arch of each brow. And that is great. But you have to be gentle and careful. Many women make the mistake of using too much highlighter.

Your general rule should be using a concealer one shade lighter than skin tone. And then apply highlighter by using highlight powder on a flat brush. Apply it in a back and forth sweeping motion.

Face cream on the brows

It is only logical that you have a daily skincare routine, and you apply moisturizers, eye creams, serums, and more products on your face. But doing it on your eyebrows?

That is a mistake you should stop doing. Do not lather your eyebrows with facial products. Why? Because all of these products can seep into the brows, clog your hair follicles, and prevent growth. Even worse, they can cause eyebrow hair to fall out.

Filling in from beginning to end

Filling in from beginning to end

The natural way of filling your brows is to start at the beginning, and then go to the end. It is only natural to want to begin where your brow begins. But that is a mistake. You should start where your brow is naturally fullest. And that is in the middle of the brow.

You might not be used to this way of filling your eyebrows. But start at the middle, and work lightly toward the tail. Only then, you can go back to the beginning of the brow, and add a few fine flicks.

This way, the inner corner is lighter and more natural-looking. Now, this technique might sound and look strange. But the result is more feathery and gorgeous brow look.

Not knowing your products

It can be easy to get lost at the makeup aisle of a department store. Anytime you browse the makeup counter, you are placed in front of hundreds of products. You can easily get overwhelmed. Gels, powders, pencils, and more. There are just so many items available for the “perfect brow”.

But this is where you have to know what each product brings. Powder gives your brows softer and more natural look. Pencils and pomades can look heavy or leave a harsher line. The powder is best for beginners.

Pencils, on the other side, are good for individual hairs. Gels are best for full brows.

Not knowing your face shape

It is important to understand your face shape before you apply makeup. Your face shape determines which hairstyle works best on you, but also what type of makeup to apply. In terms of brow makeup, face shape is the most important factor for finding the ideal angle for your arches.

If you have a round face, go for sharp-angled brows. For those with a heart-shaped face, the ideal route is to just clean up your natural brows. And if you have a long face, experiment with a both high and low arch, and see what works. Just remember, extend your brows far enough horizontally to add balance.

eyebrow mistakes

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