Top 10 Eyebrow Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing ASAP

Eyebrows can define a face, with a natural look often being the most sought-after outcome. As we explore the demarcation lines of beauty, we invariably encounter common errors in the pursuit of the perfect brows—a feat celebrities seem to achieve with ease. Joey Healy, a renowned brow expert, underscores the importance of avoiding the pitfalls that lead to the dreaded ‘eyebrow mistakes,’ which can distract from the natural shape and fullness that characterize good eyebrows.

Drawing from the wisdom of brow specialists and celebrity makeup artists, we learn that microblading and other eyebrow interventions should be approached with precision to maintain the weight and natural arch of the brows. It’s not uncommon to falter in our routine, but guidance from professionals can steer us away from these blunders, ensuring that our eyebrows complement our features just as well as they do for stars like Emilia Clarke.

Going Too Dark or Too Light

going to dark or too light

When selecting brow tints and eyeliners, we aim for harmony with our hair color. A tip is to choose a shade lighter, ensuring fuller looking brows without overwhelming our features. Consider the following:

  • For dark brown hair: opt for a light or medium brown powder.
  • Lighter shades: more forgiving, contributing to a natural look.

Remember, makeup should enhance, not overpower our individuality.

Plucking In Front of a Magnifying Mirror

When we use magnifying mirrors, they often give the illusion of precision, but this can be misleading.

  • Perspective Loss: Zooming in too much may result in over-plucking.
  • Natural Light: Using it provides a more accurate reflection.
  • Proper Distance: We recommend staying arm’s length from the mirror for a balanced view.

Our aim is to maintain well-groomed brows without compromising their natural shape and density.

Tweezing Too High

tweezing too high

  • Trimming: Scissors are safer above the arch.
  • Grooming: Use a brush to guide individual hairs upward.
  • Straight Lines: Maintain by trimming, not tweezing.
  • Avoid disrupting the natural arch by over-tweezing.

For more details on eyebrow hair removal methods, check here.

Waxing and Threading

threading eyebrow

When it comes to shaping eyebrows, we advocate selecting the right technique for the individual. Waxing can provide a clean line and is often used for larger areas; however, it might overly round the brows, possibly aging the facial appearance. On the contrary, threading offers precision without involving chemicals and can be excellent for those who seek a more natural shape.

Pros Waxing Threading
Precision Good for larger areas High precision for eyebrows
Chemical-Free May contain chemicals Uses only cotton thread
Speed Quick Slightly slower, but worth for brows
Suitability Ideal for body Suited for face, particularly brows

We must be cautious when handling our eyebrows. Missteps can lead to loss of the natural arch or an unbalanced look. Waxing and threading, when executed properly, enhance our facial features, but it’s important to consider expertise and personal facial structure beforehand.

Over Plucking

When we discuss eyebrow maintenance, a common topic is the technique of plucking. This traditional method, involving tweezers, aims to shape and control the often unruly eyebrow lines. However, one of the pitfalls we encounter is over-plucking, which can lead to several issues:

  • Thinning Brows: Overzealous tweezing can result in excessively thin eyebrows.
  • Unintended Shaping: Attempting to correct over-tweezed brows without expertise may worsen their appearance.
  • Unibrow Fear: The dread of a unibrow may drive some to over-tweeze the area, creating an unnatural separation.

To avoid these challenges:

  • We recommend moderation; only tweeze stray hairs.
  • We suggest embracing natural brow shapes instead of aiming for over-defined arches.
  • For significant shaping, we advise seeking professional help. Consider beauty salon experts akin to hairstylists—they’re trained to enhance one’s features while maintaining a natural look.

The Highlighter Issue

too much highlighter

In applying highlighter, we often encounter a common misstep: using an excessive amount. Let’s consider some guidelines:

  • Concealer Selection: Start with a concealer that’s a single shade lighter than our skin tone.
  • Highlighter Application:
    • Use a flat brush for applying.
    • Highlight powder should be swept back and forth gently below the brow arch.

When highlighter is applied sparingly, it accentuates features beautifully, avoiding the overly luminous effect seen in sparse areas. Our goal should always be a refined glow, not a glaring shine.

Face Cream on The Brows

When caring for our facial skin, it’s tempting to extend creams and serums to the eyebrows. However, this practice can hinder brow hair health. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Avoiding Build-up: Use a spoolie brush or brow brush to comb through before applying creams.
  • Proper Application: Apply face products with a flat brush, steering clear of the brow area.
  • Maintenance: Regular brushing with a clean spoolie maintains brows without clogging follicles.

Products should enhance, not compromise, our eyebrow health.

Filling in From Beginning To End

Filling in from beginning to end

Filling in from Beginning to End

We recommend a novel approach to eyebrow filling that defies traditional techniques. Despite the instinct to start at the inner corner, we find the best results begin at the brow’s fullest point—typically the middle. Here begins our process:

  • Locate the Fullest Section: Identify the thickest part of the brow, usually situated centrally.
  • Apply with an Angled Brush: Use crisp, upward strokes with a quality angled brush for precision.
  • Work Toward the Tail: Feather the product out towards the end of the brow, creating a subtle gradation.
  • Return to the Start: With a lighter hand, add delicate flicks to the beginning to emulate natural hairs.

Using this method, we achieve an effect that boasts a softer start and a feathery, more natural finish, avoiding harsh lines and an overdrawn look.

Not Knowing Your Products

We often find ourselves navigating through an array of brow products, each offering unique benefits for achieving that perfect brow. It’s crucial to understand the diverse offerings:

  • Pencils: Ideal for filling in sparse areas, allowing precision for individual hairs.
  • Powders: Provide a softer, more natural look, user-friendly for beginners.
  • Gels: Excellent for taming and enhancing full brows, offering a polished finish.
  • Pomades and Waxes: These can create a defined, sculpted look but may appear heavy if not applied with a light hand.

Matching the product to our brow needs is essential for that flawless arch.

Not Knowing Your Face Shape

We understand that not recognizing your face shape can lead to less than flattering results when styling brows. Remember:

  • Round Face: Aim for sharp-angled arches to contrast the roundness.
  • Heart-Shaped Face: Tidy up your natural brow shape; minimal alteration required.
  • Long Face: Experiment with both high and low arches to find the perfect balance.

Creating symmetrical brows that complement your individual features is vital. Brows that are well-suited to your face shape can enhance your overall look, so it’s crucial to determine the correct arch and brow shape for you.

eyebrow mistakes