Fashion Trends That’ll Never Go Out of Style

Having a few essential wardrobe staples is essential when it comes to fashion. These wardrobe staples act as the foundation for any outfit and can be used in a variety of ensembles. Here are five must-have wardrobe staples that should be in your closet:

A White Oxford Shirt

The white oxford shirt is a time-honored classic that never goes out of style. This staple piece is versatile enough to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and pairs great with slacks or jeans. It’s also perfect for layering with sweaters and jackets during colder months. For an extra formal touch, try wearing one with cufflinks — the combination will look crisp and sophisticated!

Versatile Pair of Pants

A good pair of pants is essential for any wardrobe. Whether you prefer jeans, trousers, or chinos, having one versatile color (like navy blue or gray) will make it easier to mix and match with other items in your closet. Investing in a high-quality pair of pants such as linen pants will ensure they’ll last for years. Linen is a high quality material that is light and breathable, perfect for warm weather.

A Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a timeless piece that adds an instant edge to any outfit. Whether you prefer a classic biker style or something more modern and sleek, having one in your closet will make it easy to dress up an otherwise plain ensemble. Plus, leather jackets come in all different colors these days, so you can pick the perfect shade to match your own personal style.

Basic Blazer

Blazers are the perfect addition to any outfit if you want to add an extra layer of sophistication without going over the top. A basic blazer in black or navy will never go out of style and can be integrated into multiple looks — from casual office wear to a night out. Choose a tailored fit so that it fits snugly and looks polished.

A Dark Denim Jean

Everyone needs at least one pair of dark denim jeans in their closet, preferably straight-leg styles in either black or navy blue. Denim jeans are incredibly versatile; they can easily be dressed up with a blazer or down with a casual t-shirt and sneakers. They look great no matter how you decide to wear them!

A Classic White Tee

Last but certainly not least, every fashion enthusiast needs a plain white tee in his wardrobe arsenal! This comfy staple looks great with everything from shorts to slacks and provides endless styling possibilities — whether you’re going for preppy, streetwear or something more tailored, there’s sure to be an ensemble involving your white tee involved somewhere!

Tips To Dress Accordingly

When it comes to dressing according to your body type, there are a few key points to keep in mind. No matter what shape you are – pear, rectangle, hourglass or inverted triangle – you want to accentuate your best assets and minimize any problem areas.

For those who have a pear-shaped figure, the goal is to create balance by drawing attention away from the hips and thighs and up towards the upper body. Try pairing darker colors on the bottom (like black jeans or trousers) with brighter colors or patterns on top (such as a striped blouse or patterned tee). A wrap dress can also be a great way to create curves while still maintaining an hourglass silhouette.

If you have an hourglass shape, then your goal should be to show off that beautiful waist-to-hip ratio! Choose fitted styles that hug the curves of your body; wrap dresses, high-waisted pants with tucked in tops and form-fitting shirts are all great options. If you’d like to add some extra oomph, add some statement accessories like bold earrings or scarves around the neckline.

Rectangular figures should focus on creating curves and definition where there isn’t much existing; try wearing tailored tops that fit snugly around the bustline but are loose through the waist. High-waist jeans can also help give the illusion of an hourglass silhouette as well! If you want to add some extra flair, opt for waist belts and other statement pieces to draw attention upwards away from any problem areas.

Those with inverted triangle figures should choose clothing items that will bring attention down towards the bottom half of their bodies – think flowy dresses with pleated skirts, wide leg pants that flare out at the hem and billowy blouses paired with skinny jeans. A cropped jacket can also be a great way to break up long lines along with pointed toe shoes which will draw attention downwards towards your legs!

No matter what your body type is – it’s important to dress for yourself first and foremost! The right outfit should make you feel good inside and out so take some time experimenting with different looks until you find something that makes you feel confident! Focus on quality fabrics such as linen blends or cotton mix materials which will not only look good but also last longer than cheaper alternatives – plus they’ll keep your wardrobe looking fresh season after season!