Flat Brush or Round Brush – Which One Works Best for You?

Whether you’re spending the summer zoom calling your besties or vlogging your everyday fitness routine, one thing you definitely don’t want is a bad hair day. Fabulous hair can turn your whole day around and make you feel confident and beautiful. And the easiest way to get fabulous hair is brushing. 

No matter what the texture of your hair might be, it is necessary to brush and detangle it every now and then. Brushing your hair keeps it soft and silky and gets rid of tangles that cause breakage and hair fall. In addition to this, regular brushing can also make your hair grow faster, giving you longer, straighter and silkier hair. 

It is important to make sure you choose the right hairbrush for your hair type. Different hairbrushes have different uses and using the wrong brush can damage your hair or even cause hair fall. 

Two of the most common hair brushes available in the market are round and flat brushes. While both these brushes are great for your hair, they have completely different uses and should not be used interchangeably. 

The Flat Hair Brush

As the name suggests, a flat hair brush has a flat, wide base. This brush is excellent for thorough combing and leaves no hair uncombed. A flat brush is excellent to get rid of tangles and can lend a lot of volume and bounce to your hair. The wide base of the brush allows you to work on large sections of hair, making it a lazy girl’s best friend. 

A flat brush is perfect for you if you have straight or wavy hair, as it can help you keep the texture of your hair intact while making it silkier and frizz-free. 

So, if you’re looking for an everyday brush to comb your tresses and make them silky and manageable, you can go for a flat hair brush. 

The Round Hair Brush

Many people use a round brush in the same way as a flat brush. But this isn’t the best way to use your round hair brushes. Because of the round shape, these brushes are used to add depth and density to your hair. Moreover, a round brush is also great for blow-drying your hair and creating neat in-turns. 

Of course, a narrower round brush creates smaller curls, and a wider brush creates bigger, looser waves. So, you can choose whichever works for you.

It is important to remember that a round brush should not be used on tangled hair as it can get stuck in the knots and can get difficult to untangle. It can also cause hair breakage. 

It’s a good idea to untangle your hair with a flat brush before styling it with a round one. 

Make a Wise Choice

Flat hair brush and round hair brush are two of the most common hair brushes available in the market. As mentioned above, it is important to get the right brush for your hair type and requirement and use only the right tools while styling your hair. Once you get your hands on the right hair tools, you can easily experiment with chic hairstyles from the comfort of your home. 

But no matter which hair brush you choose, buy from reputed brands like VEGA that offer good quality products. VEGA has a wide range of different kinds of hair brushes for you to choose from. So, head to their website today and get ready to flaunt well-styled hair every day!