Glitter Winged Eyeliner Makeup – How to Get the Hottest Makeup Trend

Glitter wing eyeliner is not just for formal events but a versatile look suitable for any occasion. Contrary to the notion that it’s complicated, achieving this sparkling eye makeup is surprisingly straightforward. To begin, we blend a base eyeshadow into the crease and sweep a deeper shade on the outer corner to add depth and dimension. The magic happens with the application of a shimmering shade across the lid followed by a classic black eyeliner to craft the iconic wing.

Elevating the look further, we trace a glitter eyeliner above the standard wing, incorporating an additional pop of sparkle that catches the light with every blink. It’s a simple yet impactful way to bring a touch of glamour to everyday wear or to amp up evening attire. We’ve curated a selection of glitter wing eyeliner styles, each designed to complement different characters and fashion preferences. So whether you’re going for a dramatic cat eye finished with sparkling rhinestones or a subtle glitter cut crease, there’s a look to suit your personal style.

1. Emerald Smokey Green

emerald dream

The smokey eye is a staple, and when we infuse it with emerald green, the result is mesmerizing. Here’s how we achieve it:

  • Apply a base shade of green on the lids.
  • Blend a darker green into the crease for depth.
  • Highlight the inner corner with a light shimmery green.
  • Add green glitter to the center for a sparkling effect.
  • Finish with winged eyeliner to enhance the look.

2. White To Red Peach Gold

white to red peach gold
  • Versatile Usage: Whether it’s subtle shades or bold hues, we effortlessly embrace diverse peach tones in our glitter wings.
  • Seamless Transitions: We master gradations from soft white to vibrant reds, ensuring a flawless peach gold spectrum.
  • No Limits: Our creativity knows no bounds as we craft unique, eye-catching looks.

3. Egyptian Vibes

egyptian vibes
  • Cleopatra’s allure: We channel the iconic queen’s timeless beauty.
  • Color splash: We incorporate bold hues for a festive touch.
  • Imitation and admiration: We acknowledge the lasting influence of Egyptian aesthetics on modern beauty trends.

4. Peacock Gold

peacock gold
  • Inspiration: Ancient Hera’s emblem
  • Palette: Rich blues, greens, and gold
  • Effect: Seamless blend

We recreate the majestic vibrancy of the peacock through carefully selected hues, each contributing to a harmonious and eye-catching effect.

5. Snow White

snow white
  • Iconic Figure: Snow White — Disney’s quintessential princess
  • Acknowledgment: We recognize Snow White’s impact on cultural depictions of princesses.
  • Association: Disney’s pioneering animation legacy

6. Glitter Sky

glitter sky
  • Versatility: Glitter amplifies color beauty.
  • Color Palette: Bright blue for sky aesthetics.
  • Creativity: Allows for “painting” diverse scenarios.

7. Gray And Purple

gray and purple

We often overlook gray in our makeup palettes, yet it’s a versatile choice. Paired with colors that provide contrast, gray comes alive. Violet, a vibrant hue, complements gray impeccably, creating an eye-catching combination that balances neutral depth with a pop of color. Here are ways to incorporate these tones:

  • Eyeshadow Base: Apply gray as a foundation on lids.
  • Violet Highlights: Introduce violet at the corners or as a crease accent.
  • Balance with Mascara: Use black mascara to frame the eyes.

8. Rainbow Glitter


We embrace the vibrancy of rainbow colors in our eyeshadow palette, offering a dazzling array of shades for any look you desire. Our selection features all the essential hues, perfect for adding that splash of glitter to your makeup routine.

9. Red And Yellow On Chocolate

red and yellow on chocolate
  • The contrast of red and yellow hues highlights chocolate tones exquisitely.
  • Our experience suggests that these colors complement darker skin beautifully.

10. Red Opal

red opal
  • Color: Red
  • Effect: Adds drama, enhances eye color
  • Ideal for: Brown or dark-colored eyes to create a pop

11. Warm Brown Gold

warm brown gold
  • Smokey Eye Trend: Gold eyeshadow serves as a staple.
  • Glamorous Twist: We incorporate gold glitter for additional allure.
  • Beauty Update: This embellishment elevates our makeup artistry.

12. Desert Dusk

desert dusk
  • Inspiration: Nature’s palette at twilight
  • Palette: Warm hues mirroring desert sands and evening sky
Eye Shadow Lip Color Highlight
Sienna orange Dusty rose Golden shimmer
  • Technique: Blending soft gradients to mimic fading daylight

13. Hologram Glitter Skin Tone

hologram glitter skin tone
  • Trend: Hologram glitter application
  • Purpose: Unique standout makeup look
  • Support: We encourage exploring this style

14. Gothic Vibes

vampire vibe
  • Advent of Gothic into mainstream
  • Subculture’s influence on beauty
  • Our renewed appreciation for dark aesthetics

15. Pink On Green

pink on green
  • Feature: Subtle beauty
  • Palette: Pink & Yellow

We recommend this fairy-inspired makeup for a whimsical touch.

16. Mermaid Ocean Glitter

mermaid ocean glitter
  • Embrace the mermaid-inspired trend with vibrant eyeshadow palettes.
  • Achieve aquatic allure with shimmering blues and greens.
  • Our mermaid collection extends to nails and hair for full siren appeal

17. Copper Glam

copper glam

We embrace the essence of sophistication with just a touch of copper eyeshadow. Here’s our take on achieving this elegant appearance:

  • Simplicity: A single copper shade can create a stunning impact.
  • Luxury: Its shimmering finish exudes a rich, opulent vibe.
  • Ease: Attainable glamour without complexity.

Copper tones offer a straightforward path to a radiant aesthetic.

18. Starry Smokey Night

starry smokey night

We’ve observed the classic dark smokey eye evolve. To invigorate this timeless look:

  • Incorporate Glitter: Adding a sprinkle of star-like glitter can transform a regular smokey eye into a captivating, starry night effect.

19. Purple White

purple white
  • Color Harmony: Purple, being versatile, complements both light and dark shades.
  • Style Tip: Opting for lighter hues can brighten and open up the face.

20. Apricot blossom gold glitter

apricot blossom gold glitter

We’ve captured the hues of apricot blossoms in our latest eye makeup trend.

  • Shade: Golden apricot tones
  • Inspiration: Natural apricot color spectrum
  • Use: Enhances eye makeup

21. Black And Silver Ember

black and silver burnt
  • Silver: Embodiment of sophistication.
  • Black: Quintessence of elegance.

Together, they craft an impeccable look for cocktail events. Our choice for a refined appearance.

22. Pride Glitter

rainbow glitter

We can express our support for the LGBT community through our makeup choices. By incorporating the vibrant colors of the Pride flag into our eye makeup, we make a bold and beautiful statement.

  • Usage: Eye makeup accent
  • Inspiration: LGBT flag, Pride events
  • Effect: Bold, supportive statement

23.  Day And Night

day and night

Skills Demonstrated:

  • Makeup Application: Mastery in using contrast.
  • Interior Design: Effective use of black and white motifs.

Contrast Techniques:

  • Visual Balance: Harmonizing light and shadow.
  • Design Aesthetic: Creating distinct moods.

24. Blue And Purple Dream

blue and purple dream
  • Complementary Colors: Our use of blue and purple enhances visual harmony.
  • Color Theory: Blue, mixed with yellow, naturally yields purple.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: We ensure a streamlined look by utilizing these hues.

25. Pink And Black Smokey

pink and black smokey
  • Color Palette: We leverage the contrast of bold black with the unexpected vibrancy of pink.
  • Technique: Softly blend the edges to achieve the classic smokey effect.
  • Occasion: Ideal for both edgy daytime looks and evening glamour.
  • Trend: We’re embracing color experimentation, moving beyond traditional smokeys.

26. Silver Steel

silver steel
  • Composition: Pure silver eyeshadow
  • Style: Sophistication and elegance
  • Application: Pair with mascara for a simple look

27. Beige professional glam

baige proffessional glam
  • Neutral Palette: We choose beige tones for a subtle, elegant look.
  • Finish & Technique: A matte finish with a hint of shimmer on the lids.
  • Tools & Products: Our selected brushes and quality eyeshadows create this effect.

28. Dreamy Ocean Sunset

dreamy ocean sunset
Aspect Details
Hue Vibrant, reminiscent of ocean sunsets
Inspiration Nature’s captivating evening palette
Occasion Perfect for an upcoming date
  • Palette: Encompasses the warm spectrum
  • Emotion: Captures the essence of a serene evening
  • Technique: Harmonizes with glitter wing makeup

Our selection embraces the allure of a seaside evening’s glow.