Health benefits of honey that you might not be aware of

Honey has existed for millions of years and has since been used as food and for medicinal purposes. It is one of the few foods that contain all the ingredients necessary to keep you alive. And the wonderful part about honey is that it is found everywhere and is used by several cultures across the world. Honey is also relatively affordable and does not require many resources to be preserved. Honey can never spoil if preserved properly. In fact, all you need to do is store it in an airtight plastic container. In that state, it can only solidify but there are numerous ways of decrystallizing honey in a plastic bottle.

Health benefits of honey

Clear skin

If you consume honey in reasonable quantities it can be beneficial for your skin because it is an excellent anti-oxidant. This means that regular consumption of honey cleanses your body from various toxins to make your skin clearer. It also has anti-bacterial properties that will improve the condition of your skin. You can apply honey directly to your skin as a moisturizer if you do not like its taste. If you have acne, apply drops of honey on areas that need attention and let it stay there for about ten minutes before you rinse it away. This treatment is effective because honey contains anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and, anti-inflammatory properties.


If you are avoiding gaining weight, nutritionists may recommend you to stay away from sugar confectionery. They include candy, chocolate, nuts, chewing gum and, ice cream. Honey is not a sugar confectionery. The sugar in honey has different components from that found in other sweeteners. Honey enhances your body’s metabolism which is crucial for weight loss. Honey contains minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to your body. It also has nutrients such as fiber, protein, and water, unlike other sugars that contain empty calories.

Low cholesterol level

Cholesterol is important for some functions in our body. It also is the leading cause of death in heart-related diseases. There are two types of cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, and high-density lipoprotein. Honey contains the high-density lipoprotein that is also known as good cholesterol. Honey has components that contribute to low levels of low-density lipoprotein in your body. If you consume honey every day it can help your body fight cholesterol because of its effect on the levels of the antioxidant compound in the body.

Healthy heart

According to research, honey contains antioxidants that stop your arteries from narrowing. Narrowing sometimes can lead to heart failure, memory failure, and headaches. Dark honey has the largest amount of antioxidants.

Strong memory

Honey can fight stress and put back the cellular antioxidant defense mechanism. This will lead to having a sharper memory. The calcium present in honey is easily ingested by the brain which has beneficial effects on its proper functioning.

Healthy Stomach

Honey is a good antiseptic. It helps to prevent various diseases associated with the digestive tract. Honey also kills germs and cures small wounds in the mucus membrane while passing through the stomach. Honey soothes the stomach when you overeat and prevents indigestion.

Suppresses coughing in children 

Children that have upper respiratory infections cough a lot. This affects their sleep and quality of life. Honey can act as a natural and safe suppressant of the cough. However, honey should not be given to children under the age of one to avoid the risk of botulism.

Remedy for dandruff

Honey is one of the natural remedies for dandruff. It gives you smooth and soft hair whilst providing nourishment to dry hair.

Natural energy drink

Honey is a natural drink that does not possess any processed sugar. It is a natural source of energy and can help boost your energy levels before you embark on an energy-consuming activity.


Honey is beneficial to our health as we have discussed and has little to no side effects.