How Can You Prevent Skin Tags?

If you have an annoying skin tag you want to literally scrape off, there are ways you can do so. I mean, don’t actually scrape them off. There are safer and less painful ways to get rid of a couple of skin tags yourself. Skin tags are benign cysts, as many as half of all adults will be affected. The tags don’t cause any health problems, but they can be annoying. Of the many at-home removal methods on the market, some are more useful than others.

#1: Removal device

Skin tag removal kits are available for purchase online and in a variety of supermarkets. In this method, you will use a tool to cut off the blood flow to the base of a tag with a tiny loop. The medical community refers to this mechanism as a “ligation.” This works effectively because you deprive the tag of a blood source and without a blood source, the cells will die and the tag will fall off, typically within 10 days. Read more:

#2: Dental floss or string

Some people attempt to ligate with a bit of dental floss or string. It can be difficult to do so without the aid of a machine or anyone else. If the supply of blood has been cut off for at least a few days, the tab will fall off. The string or floss could need to be tightened every day. When using this method, clean your skin, string, and hands thoroughly to prevent infection.

#3: Tag removal cream

Cream and applicator packages are available. Typically, only one application of the cream is required. Instructions for certain kits suggest washing the skin with an ethanol wipe and filing the tag before administering the cream to guarantee that it is completely absorbed. The cream can induce a slight stinging sensation. Tags will likely fall within 2 to 3 weeks.

#4: Freezing spray

You can also use liquid nitrogen to freeze the skin tags right off. Such products are often available in pharmacies and also in supermarkets. As always, follow the instructions given with the product. Several applications may be required before the growth decreases, but this typically happens within 10 days. The spray should not come into contact with the skin around it. You may want to use petroleum jelly around the tag to ensure that your skin stays protected.

So here you go: 4 at-home methods to remove any pesky skin tags that you may have sprouted. You can easily use any one of these and not have to worry about going to a doctor or paying through your teeth for a simple process. Keep in mind that skin tags are often nothing to worry about. Though a new growth might alarm you, you should know these are benign in almost all of the cases that they develop.