How does the food I eat impact my complexion?

One of the greatest myths in the beauty industry is that blemishes and acne only impact those who are within their teenage years, have naturally oily skin, or people who sleep with makeup on. But honestly, anyone can suffer from blemishes, an uneven skin tone, inflammation, and wrinkles.

What is so surprising is that no matter your age, your skin can be impacted by the food that you ingest and the lack of water that you consume. So, how exactly does food impact your complexion? This article will delve into this topic and dissect some of the main reasons as to why food consumption can play a role in one’s complexion. We will also provide some ideas for eating for better skin.

Understanding the Impact

The first thing to understand is that your complexion can be impacted by food in more ways than one. Contrary to popular belief, food can impact more than just the development of blemishes. Food plays a role in skin tone, the texture of one’s skin, and the glow, or lack thereof. Some foods can cause inflammation, bloating, aging, and even contribute to thinning.

The Worst Foods for the Skin

Sugar and foods high in carbohydrates have proven time and time again to be the worst for your skin. Sugary foods, such as but not limited to candy and sweets can lead to blemishes, and signs of aging. The reason for this is that sugar increases one’s insulin levels which can make your face look drab or pale. Other foods such as white bread, potatoes, white rice, and other starchy foods that are all high on the glycemic index can lead to inflammation and redness in the face. These foods can also cause bloating causing the skin to appear “puffy.”

Solving the Problem

While this information sounds negative, the good news is that there are plenty of solutions that can help the skin overcome blemishes, bloating, inflammation, and aging. The choice is yours to make and we will provide you with all the information you need to get on the right track. Diet and skin health go hand in  hand.

Drink More Water

Water does not get enough accolades for how much it helps the body. When you drink water throughout the day, you may find it annoying to have to go to the restroom all the time. But the truth is that the water is helping to flush your body of unwanted toxins and discarded food particles that are no longer needed to sustain a healthy body. By ridding your body of these toxins and unwanted food particles, the water is helping your skin. Skin that is well hydrated will glow, have less wrinkles or lines, and will have a more even skin tone.

Ditch the Sugar

The first thing you can do to avoid inflammation, decrease puffiness, redness and bloating, and eliminate the formation of blemishes is to decrease the amount of  sugar in your diet. This will be a challenge as sugar has addictive properties and you may experience symptoms of withdrawal at first.

To avoid a severe sugar crash, it is a great idea to check out the latest meal planning app called DishQuo. Whether you are a diagnosed diabetic or you are just interested in regulating your sugar levels through food, using the DishQuo app will help you safely eliminate unnecessary sugar from your diet.

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Eating for Better Skin

People who enjoy a blemish-free complexion, a smooth skin tone, and a glowing appearance may choose to eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids by consuming fatty fish, walnuts, avocados, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and carrots. Combined with at least 64 ounces of water a day, these foods can help your complexion improve in just a few weeks time.

Choosing the right foods for healthy skin is easier than one might imagine!

Utilize the DishQuo app to help with meal planning and generating ideas for flavorful meals that the entire family can enjoy together. Be patient as it can take some time to get into a new routine. You will probably start to wonder how you managed without the app as you will no longer be scrambling to figure out what to make for dinner at 5pm when the entire family is famished and the pressure is on to produce something gourmet in a few minutes.


Having a glowing complexion that is void of inflammation and blemishes may not be all that hard to accomplish. Many people do not realize that their skin is impacted by the food that they eat and the lack of water that they ingest on a daily basis. With just a few changes and improved focus on meal planning, you can have vibrant skin in a matter of a couple of weeks.