How Online Eye Tests Have Made It Convenient to Check Vision

With the increasing working hours in front of a screen, your eyes might have to suffer the consequences. Are you suffering from constant headaches or blurred vision, or watery eyes? Your eyesight might have become weak. Without delaying it anymore, you should take an online eye test to check your vision. Most of them are free of cost or charge a small amount. It is a very convenient option and saves all the efforts and time to visit your doctor.

Find below how online eye tests have made it convenient to check vision:

  1. Imagine a case where you already have a prescription from your doctor, and you need to buy a new pair of glasses. In this case, you just need to be sure about your eyesight, if it’s still the same or not. Online eye test works the best here and saves time.
  2. With the advancements in technology, online eye tests have come a long way and have improved in their function to a great extent. Few of them even provide face-to-face interaction with specialists. 
  3. The facility of ‘Online Refracting Test’ is also being provided by the eye care experts. With this test’s help, a person can determine whether he/she needs spectacles or contact lenses for vision correction. The prescription given is high in precision.
  4. It saves on a lot of cost and time when you take an online eye test. You can take the test whenever you have a window of even a few minutes from the comfort of your home. Otherwise, you need to make an appointment and plan in advance to get your eyes tested. 
  5. Despite the deficiency of time, you can maintain the cycle of regular eye check-ups without visiting the doctor. If anything significant is observed, you can get it treated well within time.

How Online Vision Tests Work and What Do You Require?

There’s a very simple process that is followed for checking eyesight via an online eye test. Different websites provide different types of tests. Few websites just check your vision, which only lets you know whether you have a problem or not—after that, visiting a doctor will be your discretion. In contrast, other websites provide a proper prescription after taking an online eye test. Then, the reports are sent to you via e-mail. 

You just need a computer and an active internet connection for it. The laptop should be placed at a distance, as guided by the eye care provider. You can quickly get your eyes tested in few minutes and can save your trip to the doctor. Sometimes, a smartphone might also be required for the use of some particular app. You might have to wear your eyeglasses or contact lenses while taking the test if you already have weak eyesight.

Who All Can Take Online Eye Test?

Online eye tests are primarily intended and are suitable for healthy adults aged 18 to 39 years who:

  • Have already taken a complete eye exam and know that there are no eye problems
  • Have a prescription for eyeglasses already
  • Do not have any risk for eye diseases such as high blood pressure or diabetes

An online eye test can check the sharpness of your vision, the sensitivity of your eyes, whether you have color-blindness or not, etc. You can get a fair idea of your eyesight and consult an eye doctor after that if there’s anything significant. Strictly, online eye tests should be taken via trusted eye care providers like Titan Eyeplus, which have trained consultants and experts to guide you and help get accurate test results.