How to Avoid a Beauty Rut During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it’s likely that you’re spending most of your time at home regardless of the current state of reopening in your city. Even if you are beginning to get out a bit more these days, you’re probably thinking twice about whether those trips to the hair and nail salons are really worth the health risk. For that matter, if you’re working at home, it’s likely that you’re putting less thought into your daily beauty routine than ever.

Being out and about is a great way to prevent yourself from getting stuck in a rut. Going out every day gives you an excuse to keep yourself looking your best. Knowing that you look your best keeps your energy levels and self-esteem high. It’s good for your attitude and for your overall health.

If you’re sticking around the house most of the time, though, ignoring your beauty routine can contribute to a certain malaise about the way in which you see yourself. Allowing yourself to get stuck in that rut may also start to affect other areas of your life. If you work at home, you may find that your productivity has begun to suffer. You may find yourself unusually unenthused about your daily home maintenance tasks. You may even find that your level of intimacy with your partner has suffered because it’s hard to get in the mood if you just don’t feel all that sexy.

If any of the statements above ring true to you, this article is here to help. Until life returns to normalcy, you need to make the decisions that are right for your health and the health of your loved ones – and that’s probably going to mean skipping some luxuries like trips to the stylist for the time being. That doesn’t mean, however, that your beauty routine needs to suffer. It’s just a matter of going about things in a slightly different way. Here are a few ideas that can help you stay out of a beauty rut during COVID-19.

Say Goodbye to Bad Habits

Spending more time at home during the COVID-19 has given all of us plenty of time to attack those half-finished projects, get to know our families again and think about those self-improvement changes that we always planned to make “someday.” Well, “someday” is here now. You’ve got plenty of time to change the things that you want to change about yourself, whether it’s cutting down on drinking, losing some weight or quitting smoking with a little help from a vape kit purchased from a company like Premium Vape.

Many people have never had as much spare time on their hands as they do right now, and if that’s true for you, take advantage of it. You can emerge from this pandemic and step back out into the world proud of the positive ways in which you’ve changed yourself, or you can spend the rest of your life wishing you’d done something worthwhile with all of that extra time.

Find Some Bargains on eBay

Remember eBay? You might have fond memories of eBay as a website where you used to buy all kinds of random things when you were in college. Or, if you’re a bit younger, you may just think of eBay as a gigantic rummage sale for old people. Whether you haven’t shopped on eBay in years – or you’ve never used the site at all – this is a great time to visit the site and check things out because you are probably never going to find better prices on beauty products anywhere than you can find on eBay right now.

The pandemic has caused prices for beauty products to crater even at retail, and the prices on the secondary market are even lower. One of those projects that everyone seems to put off is clearing the home of unused items, and all around the world, people have plenty of time to do that right now. Another incentive for cleaning out the house, of course, is the fact that a lot of people could really use some extra money at the moment.

Few things can reinvigorate your beauty routine like trying some new products for the first time. Normally, cost would be a barrier to trying all of the interesting beauty products that catch your eye, but that’s not such a concern right now with the flood of low-priced items on eBay. Take a look at what’s available and grab a new dress, a bath gift set or a bottle of vintage perfume for yourself. Taking the time to spruce yourself up every day is a lot more fun when you’ve got a constant trickle of new beauty toys to play with.

Start a Nest Egg for a Post-COVID Pampering Party

When life returns to normalcy and everyone starts to feel safe to resume their old routines, you will definitely be happy for the opportunity to restart your regular beauty regimen. Those trips to the stylists and salons aren’t cheap, though, and they’re going to feel a lot more expensive if you do them all at once. If you’re not going to salons right now, you’re probably using the money that you would have spent for those services on other things. Instead, you should put some of that money away and start a nest egg that you can use for pampering yourself later.

How much money is enough? When you resume getting your normal beauty work done, you should probably plan to spend a bit more than you normally would. At the nail salon, for example, maybe you normally just go in to have your fingernails and toenails done. When you start going back to the salon after several months off, though, you’re probably going to want the full manicure, pedicure and facial – so make sure that you’ve put enough money away for everything you want. You might even consider saving up for a day at a fancy hotel spa. After everything we’ve all gone through, you’ve definitely earned it.

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