How to choose a Good Magnifying Makeup Mirror

It is not easy to identify the best brand of magnifying mirrors. The large number of manufacturers makes research more difficult than we think, especially with the ease of new LED lights technology, it has become little hard to choose one from them. Indeed, a wide choice of models is available on the market. This buying guide for the best magnifying mirrors will give you a little idea of ​​what you are going to take. No doubt, today buying guides and online reviews system + rating has become the most authentic way of choosing any product online, especially on Amazon. Same you need to follow in the case of the choosing the best magnifying makeup mirror with lights. So here below are few things you need to consider before choosing it online on Amazon or any other shopping platform.

Things You Need to Consider before Buying It

1. Dimensions

This criterion mainly depends on where you will install your device. Indeed, choose an item that adapts to the existing layout, such as the bathroom, the bedside table or even the furniture dedicated to makeup. A large size may help you see better, but a smaller one will easily find a place in a small room.

Of course, you also have to base it on usage. If you have enough space, order a bulky product. Otherwise, get a medium-sized mirror. In addition, items suitable for nomads are sold at sites dedicated to beauty. You can actually come across pocket models that will accompany you wherever you go. You put it in your purse and you are sure to get your makeup done in the middle of the day or when you are on vacation.

2. Form

You never know which magnifying mirror to choose with the different characteristics to take into account. Remember that design matters when selecting. Different shapes are offered by the manufacturers. The most common style is the round mirror. But you can also find rectangular or even square products.

Whether you get one or the other, you must first base this criterion on the practicality in your home. Indeed, choose the one that will fit your decoration, but also where you will put it. If your accommodation has several angles, it is better to buy a mirror with identical features. The same goes for the rounded design. It will then blend more naturally into the frame and will guarantee more practicality.

If you want to place them in several different rooms, be aware that the device that you will put next to the front door should not have the same style as that which is in your bedroom and the bathroom. You have to vary your appearance in order not to get bored quickly.

3. Installation

When you visit a comparison, you will know that there are two types of pose. So you can get a wall mirror. This promises ergonomics, because you will be able to unfold and fold it as you wish. It will take up very little space in the room. You can also adjust the height according to your size. Added to this, the incline can be changed to get a better view. You will then benefit from a good comfort of use. It should also not be forgotten that when attached to the wall, the accessory is not likely to fall or break.

The standing model will be more practical if you are not used to applying makeup in the same place. It can be placed on any flat surface, be it the living room coffee table, the sideboard or even next to your monitor. In addition, you will be able to move it as you wish, going from your room to the bathroom or the terrace. Of course, the risk of an accident is greater, since you will be changing it regularly, increasing the chances of damaging it.

4. The type of Lighting

The most classic models are generally used in daylight, because they do not have lighting. They present a good practicality for those who are always outside quite regularly.

For those who have them, we can find different types. The most recent articles use LED technology. They offer warm clarity, but also optimal power. You will therefore have a clear view of your face when you apply makeup. Those with a classic lamp are selling less and less, because the LED provides a particularly advantageous illumination for this kind of habit.

If you don’t have vision problems, other lights are available. The intensity is however not powerful enough to study your face in detail, especially if you need to dress up in a confined space. You must therefore settle in a room where it is not too dark to take full advantage of it.

Other Options to Consider

To determine which the best magnifying mirror on the market is, also consider looking at the additional amenities. In order to take full advantage of this, check for example whether the one you have selected works with batteries.

For the latter, the charging cable often ends with a USB socket. In this case, you can connect it to various high-tech devices, such as your laptop, a Power Bank or other.

Also emphasize that it has one or two sides. The first option is especially suitable for wall mounting. In the second, it is usually equipped with a foot to place it on a flat surface. One side offers a classic property and therefore a vision of x1. It will be useful for general makeup. The other offers a magnification x5 or more. This will help you work on details, such as the eye area. A double-sided and therefore versatile mirror promises multiple uses.

Also check if the device can rotate 360 ​​°. This guarantees more practicality, because you will only have to push so that it turns from one side to the other. Otherwise, you will be forced to completely turn the entire structure over, which will waste your time.