How to do DIY Eyelash Extensions on Yourself?

If you are tired of applying heavy eye makeup every day and have difficulty removing them and smudge makeup easily, eyelash extensions might be the right choice for you. The lash extensions take around one or two hours to get set and will stay put for nearly a month or more. You need not use heavy mascara or a plethora of items to enhance the look of your eyes with a curly, thick, fluttering lash extension, making you look like a celebrity.

How to choose the best eyelash extension?

Choose the lashes based on your face and eye shape (round, large, small, protruding, medium, up/downturned), eyelids type (hooded or monolid), and the thickness of your natural lashes.

Lilac St. has natural-looking lashes, thick lashes to create extra volume, and spiky lashes to create a dramatic effect. Stack lashes upon each other to make them appear thicker as they come in sizes starting from 8mm and range up to 18 mm long. The extensions create a natural fluttery effect for the lashes, making them look astonishing.

Eyelash Extension Brands

Do it yourself eyelash extensions created by Lilac St. are a boon for you if your budget allows only a few dollars for the lash extensions. Typical salon-done lashes extension from top brands like Eylure Luxe lash extension, Sweed Lashes classic collection, Vavalash Ellipse Eyelash Extensions, Lankiz Eyelash Extensions, Eneda Volume Eyelash Extensions and Trish McEvoy Instant Pick-Me-Up Lashes can easily cost anything from $50 to $150 based on the thickness and style required, while the entire DIY kit from Lilac St. costs only $25. Lashes are available for just $7 in plenty of different styles and colors.

How to use the DIY kit?

The DIY kit comes with a tweezer, lash extensions, glue to apply them, and solvent to remove them. Clean your eyes well and pat them dry before applying the lashes. Be makeup-free and dab to ensure there is no oil content around and below the eyes.

Pour a tiny amount of glue on a spoon, place the lashes on them, and apply them to your natural lashes. Do it fast as the glue dries quickly and will not stick properly if you take a long time to apply it to the eyes. Ask help from a friend if necessary. Use the short lashes on the inner eyes and long curlier lashes on the outer eye near the temples.

How is it better than salon extensions?

DIY eyelash extensions are incredibly cheap and can get applied in the home within 15 to 20 minutes. They are waterproof and nearly maintenance-free and can be removed and reapplied if necessary if they do not fit properly.

Besides, you can remove them immediately if there is any allergy or irritation in the eyes. Expensive salon extensions need to be maintained well, not exposed to water for the next 48 hours after setting them up and dealt with great care due to their cost and high maintenance.

The only drawback in the DIY kits is that they are temporary and can be used only for around a week, while the salon-applied lashes last for several days.

Precautions to take after applying fake lashes to the eyes

Don’t try to rub your eyes out of habit, as it will create a criss-cross pattern that is hard to untangle and brush later. Avoid sleeping on the belly and rubbing your face on the pillow as it might cause the fake lashes to fall out quickly. Use silk pillow covers to protect your precious lashes and avoid using harsh makeup removers.

Always use foam-based, oil-free cleansers around the eyes and apply light eye creams instead of heavy, oily ones that stick to the lashes easily. Use a minimal amount of glue to apply them onto the lashes and even less solving agent to dissolve it and remove the lashes. If the glue gets into the eyes, wash it with plain water and place a wet cloth upon the eye as the burning subsides in a few minutes.