How To Flaunt Your Beauty Without Make-up?

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With all the beauty enhancement products available, you have to ask yourself if you really need them. Everyone has something beautiful to show off, it’s just a matter of knowing what your best assets are, taking care of them and taking full advantage of them. Using too much make-up actually masks your beauty.

Here’s a simple guide on how to let your natural beauty shine, without using a ton of make-up.

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Let skin breathe

Women buy hundreds of products that promise rejuvenated and glowing skin. Yet, we know now that many commercial products do use harsh chemicals which can cause us more harm than good in the long run and can often cause irritation in the short run.

For good skin, start with the basic lesson of always removing your make-up before you sleep, even if you just use a small amount of makeup. Skin needs to breathe and it can’t do that with make-up on. Exfoliation is not an option; it’s a must-do at least once or twice a week. It removes dead skin cells, which prevents your skin to glow. A natural product like plain yogurt makes for good exfoliation.


Sun is nice, too much sun is damaging. Sunscreen should always be used when going outdoors, even on cloudy days as sun rays are still there. You should use one with at least 30 SPH. The fairer your skin is, the more SPH you might need. Sun damaged skin brings on early wrinkles, and age spots.

Food and drink

By now, we should all know that what we eat and drink eventually shows up on our skin. Eating foods with a lot of Vitamin C, like oranges, help to promote healthier looking skin. Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and lessen refined sugar. Water! Drinking water is the natural way to go for better, more rejuvenated skin. It’s always recommended to drink around eight full glasses per day.


Even though no one puts makeup on their teeth, but your teeth and your smile are a huge asset to take care of. A bright, lovely smile will boost any woman’s confidence and overall look. No matter what else you do, a weak set of teeth or dull looking teeth will only take away from your beauty.

Your teeth are the essence of natural beauty and need to be taken care of throughout all stages of your life. You should always consider replacing missing teeth because not only is it unattractive, but, over time, a missing tooth or teeth can affect the rest of your teeth and they might shift in position.

There are many other things you can do to help your beauty shine. If you have some bad habits, like smoking or not getting enough sleep, change those habits. Take it one step at a time to lead a healthier lifestyle. Many believe good skin is a genetic thing. While genes can play a role, how you treat your skin plays just as an important role, if not more.

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