How to keep a Healthy-looking Face

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You must know some people whose face radiate will health. We all want to look our best, and it starts with the skin on our face, so we can also shine. There are different actions you can take to protect your skin, but also to help it look its best. Here are a few suggestions that will help.

Protect yourself from stressors

There are things in life which no one is able to avoid. Stressors are one of them. They may come in the form of air pollution, lack of sleep or nervous tensions, due to the environment we live in. But we can protect ourselves by using dietary supplements. That is what Elevant supplements pills do. They are a super nutrient that protect us from stressors, as well as viruses and bacteria. They also possess anti-aging properties.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

It feels good to be lying in the sun, like a lizard, taking it all in. However, before we go under the sun rays, we need to protect our skin. It is recommended to use an SPF sunscreen of at least 30. It should be applied generously on the face and the rest of the body which is exposed to the sun. This action needs to be repeated every two hours, since the sun is very dangerous to the skin. First, it will cause wrinkles, age spots and other dermatological problems. But at its worst, it is a risk for skin cancer.

Do not smoke

Smoking affects your skin dramatically. It makes it look old and gray, while contributing to create wrinkles on it. What it does is that it depletes the skin from the oxygen and nutrients it needs to remain healthy (not just “healthy looking”). It narrows the tiny blood vessels, reducing the blood flow, and making your face look paler. You will lose a lot of skin elasticity by smoking, as it damages the collagen and elastin found inside it. Of course, it also adds to you risk of skin and other types of cancer.

Treat your skin properly

More than anything, if you want your face to radiate and look healthy, you need to take care of it daily. Wash it with a light soap, in the morning and before going to sleep. Limit the amount of hot water. Make sure that you don’t use products that can remove the natural protection oil, found inside the skin. For men, when you shave, protect and lubricate your face, before and afterwards.

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