How To Look More Expensive (Without Breaking The Bank!)

Are you in a bit of a style rut? Perhaps you’re fed up with putting outfits together in the hopes that you’ll look fantastic, but find they don’t look as good as you thought they would in your head. Making a few simple changes can make all the difference, here are three ways to bring your outfits together to make you look effortlessly stylish, expensive and chic.

Blend Highstreet and High End

While many of us would love nothing more than to head on down to our favourite designer stores and purchase everything our hearts desire, this probably isn’t feasible financially. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still achieve a high end look. If you save up and purchase carefully, you’re able to mix and match designer and high street items and get plenty of wear out of the pieces you’ve spent a lot of money on without too much outfit repetition. Something like a jacket or designer shoes could be worn with many different outfits. Perhaps you could go with designer jeans or a skirt, which could then be dressed up or down with high street items for a completely different outfit each time. Check out the second hand market for designer goods, if you get lucky you might even spot a bargain in a thrift shop!

Don’t Overlook The Smaller Details

While it’s your clothing choices that will make the biggest impact when you’re putting together your outfit, it’s the smaller styling details that will take it from good to great. Accessorising is important, not only does it allow you to add your own personal spin on things and show off your personality but the little touches can make your overall ‘fit look much more expensive. The great thing about accessories is they can be worn and styled in so many different ways and paired with all kinds of outfits so you really get your money’s worth from them. How about a stylish watch- this collection of women’s silver watches from Nordgreen has a range of options if you’re a lover of cool-toned metals. Sunglasses are always practical and an oversized pair looks expensive and celeb inspired while keeping fine lines around the eyes at bay. Belts, jewellery, hats and hair accessories are all other options you could consider. Accessories and smaller details make your outfit look well thought out and generally more expensive.

Learn How to Style Your Hair and Makeup

If you walk past a woman on the street who looks expensive and as though she’s really ‘got it together’- chances are she’s got her hair and makeup done. Regardless of what you’re wearing, if your face and hair are made up then you’ll look stylish and expensive. While the super rich and celebrities have hair and makeup artists at their disposal you’ll probably have to do yours yourself, but they’re fantastic skills to learn. They enable you to be able to look your best every day (or whenever you feel like getting ready) and you’ll get quicker and better at these things as time goes on. If you already have some basic skills then self teaching from Youtube videos and blog articles could be the way to go. Our article about quick and clever makeup hacks is one example. If you’re a total beginner, you could take a course in hair and/ or makeup, there are plenty of online courses available that you could do in your own time and at your own pace. You could practice on others and yourself and build up the skills and knowledge needed to confidently style yourself. Next time you’re having a bad skin or hair day you’ll know exactly what to do to put it right! And if you’re going out and want to look your best, you’ll be able to give yourself an expensive looking makeover right from your own home.

Do you have any tips for looking more expensive and glamorous, without spending a fortune?