How to Maximize Your Detox

Many people view detoxes as a way to ease into healthy eating after calorific binges. They are viewed as quick fixes for weight loss and to curb cravings. The truth is that most cleanses fail to offer enough nutritional value or variety to keep you satisfied. The key to maximizing your detox is to find a way to cut out unhealthy foods without skimping on flavor and satiety. Here’s how you can get the most out of your next detox without losing the nutrition you need and the zest you crave.

Keep Nutritional Balance and Portion Control

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so load up on fruits then. Having healthy carbs earlier in the day is the best choice because it allows your body to get the energy it needs while giving you enough time to burn off any excess calories. You want to be sure to pair your carbs with proteins or fats to maintain balanced blood sugar levels. Add some blackberries and walnuts to your morning oatmeal.

For lunch, go green. Green smoothies are trending for a reason. Unlike juices, smoothies maintain plant fiber, optimizing your digestion by giving it a workout and keeping you full. Maintain a balance of healthy fats to keep you satiated by adding in a quarter of an avocado or a few sprinkles of chia seeds. To minimize bitter taste, add in low-glycemic fruits for low-calorie energy. If you’re not into green blends, try having a Walldorf salad with Greek yogurt or nut butter to sustain you throughout the day.

GI Detox Essentials

Every dieter knows the saying, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper,” yet portion size is often compromised when salads are involved. You might think that eating a big salad for dinner is fine because vegetables are so low-calorie but eating that much fiber late in the day is a LOT of work for your digestion, which naturally slows down right before bed.

You certainly won’t gain weight from getting your greens in, but you will end up bloated and cranky when yesterday’s dinner overstays its welcome. Instead, aim for a lean protein source like Bio-Botanical Research, about the size of a fist, paired with a cup of veggies. Enjoy some steak with sautéed mushrooms or curried tofu stir-fry. This way of eating can feel like an indulgence with a little effort and your digestive tract will thank you.

Lastly, drink caffeine in moderation. Coffee is acidic, a no-no for your gut’s desires to maintain an alkaline environment.

Making the most of your detox means eating clean foods without trying to eliminate your natural human need for satiety. If you can’t defy gravity and fly, then you can’t willpower your way through nutritional deficiency. To make the most of your detox, delete your Starbucks Rewards and eat balanced clean meals. No shakes, no mono meals, no juice cleanses. In short, to maximize your detox, just. eat. healthy.

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