How to Protect your hair after Bleaching?

Hair is an integral part of one’s body. Especially for a woman, hair means the world to her. She could go to any extent to make it look sleek, shiny, and beautiful. Hair is the central component of your body that carves out your personality. It has a direct link with beauty and charm. A bad hair day can ultimately ruin her whole day. In addition, hair reflects the nature of a person. Whether men or women, it is essential for both genders.

History has revealed that hair gains a special place in any woman’s life. From Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth, from ordinary women to celebrities. Hair symbolizes youth, beauty, and self-esteem. Women cut, dye, bleach, straight, or curl their hair to make it look beautiful and more appealing. All these variations make them look gorgeous and charming.

Hair specialists and experts use hair dye to give a different look to their clients. However, these hair colors contain bleach and other ingredients that remove the original pigment of the hair. Bleach removes the actual color of the hair so that it can have a new stain. Bleach is a toxic chemical that could damage your hair. Therefore, women must make considerable efforts to protect their hair after bleaching.

What is hair bleaching?

Hair bleaching is a chemical process that involves removing your original hair pigment, which results in lighter hair color. Hair bleaching is now an essential part of any hair-dying process. Women yearning to have highlights or lowlights have to undergo the process of bleaching. Hair bleaching gives a new color to your hair and a brand unique appearance. Everyone admires good colored hair. It has become a ritual to bleach your hair for a better look.

Everyone has a different hair tone and texture. Hair experts select the proportion of the bleach while considering the texture and color of the hair. Generally, dark-colored hair requires high bleach content for hair bleaching. Similarly, the timing of hair bleaching is also crucial. Usually, dark-colored hair requires more time for bleaching action to dissolve the pigment. The more the color is dissolved, the better the results will be. Bleaching often gives different shades. For instance, dark brunette hair color will appear yellowish after bleach action, while blonde tone will have a platinum blonde look.

Tips to repair your hair after bleaching

Most hair-lightening products have some quantity of bleach which is the quickest way of lightening your hair. It is a harsh active ingredient that demolishes protein structure within your hair. However, after bleaching the hair strands, they become weak and fragile. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care after bleaching your hair.

  • Apply essential oils

Essential oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and almond oil, contain important ingredients that fix your hair damage, frizziness, and elasticity. It enhances the strength and elasticity of the hair. Apply any of these oils to your roots with your fingertips. It works as a deep-conditioning mask.

  • Use sun protection

Ultra-violet rays from the sun can have a detrimental effect on hair. After bleaching, your hair becomes sensitive and vulnerable to burning. Use special hair creams and masks having sunblock to protect your hair and scalp from any damage by sun heat. SPF sprays are also available to prevent any further damage.

  • Hair masks

You can create your hair mask at home by using organic ingredients. By mixing honey, egg white, and banana, you can create a protein-enriched hair mask. That works to restore hair strands’ elasticity, firmness, and strength. All these ingredients are readily available in your kitchen. You just have to mix them well and apply them thoroughly to your hair. Keep using it for two to three weeks after hair bleaching.

  • Apply synthetic hair conditioners

Many synthetic products are available to reverse the effect of bleaching. Leave-in conditioners supply essential nutrients to your hair to reverse the damage done by bleaching. Some are available in the form of creams to apply after hair wash, while others are in spray forms. They build up keratin and restore your hair texture. Therefore, conditioning your hair will improve the quality and texture of the hair.

  • Use rise water

Rise water is rich in inositol that repairs your hair and restores its shine and strength. Take rice and soak it in the water for half an hour. Now separate the rice water using a filter. Spray it all over your hair and leave it for twenty minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

  • Avoid using heat

Hair bleaching makes your hair rough and dry. Therefore, heat can aggravate the damage. Reduce the use of straighteners and blow-dry to prevent further damage.


Hair is an integral part of personality. It should be kept intact and protected by all means. Different hair treatments are available that can reverse the effect of hair damage. It requires considerable care to keep your hair sleek and shiny. Therefore, adopt these methods to prevent any damage from hair bleaching.