How to Remove Acrylic Nails Fast and Easy at Home

nail clipper

Acrylic nails make your nails look sexy and glamorous.

But the glamorous look can fast become an ugly sight, especially when your nails start growing out.

Another aspect you need to pay attention to is if they look thick due to too much polish.

At this point, it’s time to remove them.

So, without any formal beauty training, how do you remove acrylic nails in the comfort of your home?

Method 1: How to remove acrylic nails with floss


For this method, you’ll need a metal file and 12 inches of floss.

The method is simple, but you’ll need someone to assist you.

However, if you have brittle nails, I don’t recommend this method.

Start by placing the metal nail file at the tip of the nail, and lift it just enough so you get space to slip the dental floss underneath the nail.

Wrap the dental floss around the index finger of the person assisting you.

Your assistant needs gently to pull towards the end of the nail bed, moving their hand in a sawing motion.

The nail should pop immediately.

Method 2: How to remove acrylic nails with Petroleum jelly

petroleum jelly

The main ingredient for this method is petroleum jelly, but you also need a nail clipper, nail polish remover, olive oil, moisturizing lotion, orangewood stick, acetone nail polish remover, nail file, nail buffer, glass bowl and a clean towel.

Start by trimming your nails as short as possible. Be careful not to hurt yourself.

Trimming quickens the process of removing acrylic nails. Fill the glass bowl with acetone nail polish remover.

Set it aside.

Using the nail file, buffer your nails and remove the gloss. Do not focus on a single spot.

Instead, move around the nail.

Once you are done with this step, clean up the dust.

Apply a layer of the petroleum jelly around the skin that is touching the nail bed to ensure that your skin is protected from the acetone.

Don’t skimp on the petroleum jelly.

Dip your nails into the bowl of acetone and let them stay there for 15 minutes.

The glue holding and binding the acrylic nails will start to come off.

Remove the acrylic nail gently. Make sure not to force it.

If you are having trouble, put your nails back in the acetone bowl.

Forcing removal can damage your nails.

Wash your hands with water thoroughly to remove the petroleum jelly.

If there is some glue leftover, get your buffer and remove it.

Apply olive oil on your nails to moisturize them.

Method 3: How to remove acrylic nails with clipping nails

nail clipper

Another simple method for removing acrylic nails involves filing them away.

Start by clipping your nails with a clipper.

Focus on trimming the tips of your nails, and cut as much of the nail as possible.

I recommend using a course nail file if the nail is so thick it is difficult to cut.

Get a buffing tool, and, using the coarse side, file down each of your acrylic nails.

Work one nail at a time, filing until the acrylic becomes a thin layer.

Continue until you have filed off as much as possible.

It’s time to stop as soon as you start worrying about nail damage.

The next step involves using a cuticle stick.

Use the stick to pry up the edge of your acrylic nail.

Lift the edge, and then place the tip of the cuticle scissors under the edge.

Clip away the acrylic with the scissors.

Continue until the acrylic nail has been removed, and repeat the process for every nail.

Make sure to remove the acrylic nail slowly—don’t pry it off all at once.

With a nail buffer, remove any remaining traces of the acrylic nails.

Use a nail clipper and a file to shape your natural nails.

You can apply some moisturizer now.

I recommend olive oil if you want to keep it homemade.

Method 4: How to remove acrylic nails with cotton ball treatment

cotton balls

This method is very similar to the second method.

The difference is you are not soaking your nails in a bowl with acetone, which is uncomfortable for some people, instead, you soak cotton balls in acetone and then place them on your nails.

Use aluminum foil around your fingertips to ensure the cotton stays in place.

The cotton balls will quickly dissolve the acrylic.

Wait for 20 minutes, and then remove one cotton ball at a time.

How to remove acrylic nails

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