How to Stop Hair Breakage – Causes and Solutions

There are few people blessed by hair gods. They never experience dry hair, dandruff, hair breakage, or any other hair issue. And then there are the regular mortals. Or, most of us. Chances are you have dealt with hair breakage at least once in your life.

In some cases, this breakage is hardly noticeable, but then there are also situations when you go into panic mode. In order to learn how to stop hair breakage, you have to know what is causing it.

With that in mind, today, we will talk about what is hair breakage, how to notice it, how to recognize the causes, and of course, how to solve the issue.

What is hair breakage?

One question many people ask is how to tell if you have broken hair. While some signs, like large chunks of hair breaking off sporadically are obvious, there are often some not so obvious and visible signs.

For starters, you can look at your hairbrush and shower drain. Does it have more hair than usual?

When it comes to understanding hair breakage, you should not confuse it with split ends. The latter occurs when we are due for a haircut. Split ends are when the hair at the end splits. Hair breakage is when the hair actually breaks off.

It is not that your hair is not growing. Simply put, it is breaking off at the same or faster pace than it is growing. When your hair breaks, the breakage looks shorter than the rest of your hair. And that is without a haircut.

If you look closely at the hair breakage, you will notice the hair looks damaged, unruly, and just thinner.

Why is my hair breaking?

The absolute biggest cause of hair breakage is over-treating your hair. If you do not give your hair some love, it will definitely break. Think of it as a relationship.

If you do not shower your partner with attention and love, he will become distant and might eventually break up with you, right? Well, the same logic applies to your hair.

Basically, you have to nourish your hair, both from the inside and the outside. We tend to do a lot to our hair. Some might say that we tend to abuse our hair. The irony is that we over-treat our hair in the spirit of creating good hair. But in many cases, that will backfire.

Protection, love, and careful treatment are essential for good hair. Using the right products falls in the same category as well.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at causes and solutions for how to stop hair breakage.

Lack of moisture

A common problem among women and men is lack of moisture. Without proper hydration, your body cannot function. The same applies to your hair. Without hydration, your hair is prone to dryness, and then breakage. Therefore, you want to ensure you give your hair enough hydration.

The right shampoo and conditioner are essential for a good hair care routine. You can also apply some masks and serums for more hydration.

But when it comes to hydration, it is all about the ingredients. Look at the label of the shampoo you are buying. Does it contain olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, or other moisturizing ingredients? If yes, then buy it.

Another underrated problem is hard water. In some areas, hard water is just a problem you have to address. Hard water contains more chlorine and heavy metals, which are both harmful for your hair.

If you subject your hair to hard water on a regular basis, it will lead to cuticle damage and high porosity, weakening your hair and causing hair breakage in the long run.

Too much heat styling

heat styling

Heat styling is your number one enemy for healthy hair. Yes, we all use some heat styling tools once in a while. But doing it constantly? Now that is a big NO. It is no secret that heat styling makes your hair weaker and prone to breakage. We all know that.

The problem is, we do it even though we know the consequences. What you can do is use heat protection products. These are designed to protect your hair from the heat, all while allowing you to style it. Try to switch things up as well. Use heat styling tools just once a week.

Most importantly, do not exceed the maximum suggested time on your hair. Usually, that is five seconds.

Blow drying wet hair

We all do this. We shower, we get out of the shower, and we blow dry our hair, wanting to save some minutes in the process. But that is a mistake your hair will not forget.

Start drying your hair with a towel first, or air dry for a bit. And when it is not dripping wet, then use a blow-dryer. Microfiber towels work best and are less damaging to your hair.

Another solution for how to stop hair breakage is to stretch your hair with a brush while you incinerate it with a blow dryer. Go for a smooth brush with synthetic bristles.

Towel drying

Towel drying

While we are on the topic of drying the hair, let’s talk about towel drying for a second. Yes, we mentioned that you should dry your hair with a towel for a while. But that doesn’t mean tying your hair up in a towel and leaving it like that for a few minutes.

We said that microfiber towels work best. But if you need to towel dry your hair, then go for an old and soft T-shirt, which is absorbent and way easier on your hair.

Too much chemical exposure

When we talked about overtreatment and styling at the beginning, chemical exposure is one of the things we had in mind. Chemical straightening is hell for your hair. Doing it on a regular basis will definitely result in hair breakage.

What can you do instead? Well, switch to a keratin treatment, which will add a smooth coating to your hair strands. And most importantly, do not fall into the trap of Brazilian straightening, which has dangerous amounts of formaldehyde.

Over-washing your hair

Over-washing your hair

The more you cleanse your hair, or the more you wash it, the more it loses of its natural oils. Over-washing can lead to dryness. At most, you should shampoo your hair three times per week.

If you have oily hair, and you need to wash it more frequently, be careful on the shampoo. Always go for a sulfate-free mild shampoo.


Or more precisely, the lack of conditioning. Some people forget to deep condition their hair. Getting to the salon for a deep conditioning treatment is the best option. But if that is out of your price and time range, get a home treatment.

For a deep conditioner, you need the same ingredients as for a conditioner, just in a more concentrated amount. Use a deep conditioner overnight once per week if the hair damage is too severe.

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase

What you sleep on has a lot to do with your hair. And how your hair looks in the morning. A lot of people sleep on a cotton pillowcase. But that can cause more harm than good. Cotton creates friction between your hair and the fabric.

Instead, we suggest investing in a satin or silk pillowcase.

Eating an unbalanced diet

We mentioned at the beginning that your hair needs nourishment from the inside and from the outside. Speaking for the inside, it is absolutely crucial that you follow a healthy diet.

With that in mind, you need protein, as it can repair weak spots in your hair, and prevent breakage. Just don’t go over the top. Too much protein is also a problem, as it can make your hair brittle. Find the right balance.

Tips for healthy hair

In the end, we want to give you a couple of tips that will help you with how to stop hair breakage. Identifying the causes, and then finding the proper solution is a must. But you should also follow a couple of tips that maximize the benefits of hair solutions.

  • After going to the pool, use a swimmer’s shampoo and conditioner
  • Try to let your hair air dry when possible
  • Make sure weaves and extensions are light
  • Consider hairstyle that requires less damaging maintenance
  • Follow a balanced diet
  • Avoid wearing tight hats
  • When treating or processing your hair at a salon, ask for a nourishing protein bonder

How to stop hair breakage