Loungewear Is Taking 2021 By Storm – Here Are 8 Comfortable Trends to Watch Out For

2020 was the year that should have been measured in the volume of sweatpants we have worn, rather by how many days have passed. This has not been the most glamorous year for sure, but that can be a good thing. Maybe we are finally starting to understand that comfort and fashion are not opposites, and we can look good while wearing sweatpants as well.

Loungewear, athleisure, and the newly-born Athflow trend are here to stay, and 2021 is predicted to be all about comfort, whether you are at home, brunch, work, or out for drinks. As different parts of our lives were pushed closer and closer, barriers between personal, business, and social life nearly collapsed, loungewear started evolving past lazy Sunday mornings and into fashion shows.

More and more people are willing to sacrifice fashion for comfort, but what if we told you this kind of sacrifice is not necessary? Loungewear is taking the streets by storm, and we are here to present to you the trends that will dominate this year’s streetwear – and they are all about comfort.

Boxer shorts

If you like to wear men’s shorts around the house, you’ll be pleased to know boxer shorts are among the trends you should be watching this year. And not just the baggy basketball shorts that you’d only wear when you shop for groceries, but all kinds of iterations of this piece of clothing.

Boxer shorts, cycling shorts, and all kinds of bottoms you would not consider wearing on the streets are now big hits. They are very versatile and can be paired with a multitude of pieces to create head-turning outfits. There are fewer and fewer boundaries in fashion, so don’t be afraid to make seemingly weird combinations.

Sweatsuits mix and match

Remember the monochromatic sweatsuits that were all over the streets in the 2000s? Well, they are making a big comeback, only this time you are encouraged to mix and match them. You don’t need a uniform to feel comfy and stylish, so don’t hesitate to combine loungewear pieces.

Pair your cotton sweatsuit hoodie with a pair of ribbed jogger pants, and you’ll look much more put-together than in a full monochromatic sweatsuit. It’s a simple and underestimated method to give your wardrobe a refresh without necessarily having to buy new clothes every season. It’s amazing how many new outfits you can create by simply stepping out of the traditional “everything needs to match” mentality.

Versatile pajama pieces

This year, it’s time to take your pajamas out to meet the world. Forget about one-occasion loungewear, and don’t be afraid to wear that silky pajama blouse with jeans when you are out and about. To take these pieces out of their traditional environment, pair them with statement accessories, bold clothing pieces such as a men’s suit jacket, or lots of jewelry. We promise no one is going to wonder if you slept in that silk blouse last night.

If you are all for comfort, consider bamboo loungewear. The soft material and the versatility of these basic pieces will make loungewear become your favorite trend right away. They can be worn in nearly any combination, as long as you are willing to set traditional standards aside.

Soft textures everywhere

Loungewear does not necessarily mean sweatpants and hoodies, but rather comfortable pieces that can be worn on multiple occasions. Soft textures are going to be everywhere this year. Focus on materials such as fleece, cotton, velour, wool, and silk, which can look very luxurious if worn right.

A velour tank top can be paired with comfortable boxer shorts and a blazer to take things to the next level. And if you think your outfit may be too comfortable, a pair of high-heel boots can easily take a silk dress and cozy cardigan out of your home and right into the streets.

New fabrics, same basics

Designers have gone out of their way to create timeless pieces made out of comfortable and sustainable materials. Our wardrobe staples are now reimagined using loungewear materials such as knits, silks, and cotton.

Perhaps the biggest trend in loungewear now is comfortable knit pants that resemble flare jeans. Would you ever believe you can look polished and feel comfortable at the same time? 2021 is the year you can do that!

Hoodies everywhere

Hoodies are everywhere today. On the streets, on the runways, and even in couture collections. They have turned into a versatile piece that can be worn with almost anything. Pants, jeans, skirts, dresses – you name it – they can all be worn with a cool hoodie that is comfortable, cozy, and looks stylish as well.

Look at brands such as Prada and Dries Van Noten, which have included hoodies in their collections and have done it in a wonderful way. Their spring-summer 2021 collections are all about structured hoodies and oversized silhouettes.

House shoes leaving the house

If you’ve been using the same pair of slippers for years, it’s time for a new, fun upgrade, especially now that house shoes are making their way into streetwear. Leather slides, cozy slippers, and even flip-flops are now ready to be taken for a walk around the neighborhood. Pair them with other loungewear pieces for a laid-back outfit that is going to make you feel both relaxed and stylish.

Look online for inspiration, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If you come to think about it, you are not, in fact, stepping out of your comfort zone. You are just bringing the comfort zone with you wherever you go.

The return of track pants

While this may not be a trend for everyone, track pants are here to stay. This is one trend Carrie Bradshaw would certainly agree on since she was all for eclectic combinations.

If you want to give this trend a go, take inspiration from brands such as Miu Miu, which has done an amazing job at pairing tack suits with cool halter tops and fancy little purses.

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