Makeup tips to look best for your wedding day

Wedding day makeup is always different from how you do your makeup daily. Your everyday routine required keeping things minimal and not spending too much time standing in front of the mirror trying to look good. You can always go through your day by putting in the slightest effort. Your wedding day is vast. You know that many cameras will be on you, and many people will take your pictures, so your makeup needs to be on the spot.

Your wedding makeup needs to last all day, and all wedding photographers suggest getting it done by a professional makeup artist who will dedicate their time and effort to ensure that your makeup lasts all day. Whether hiring a professional or trusting a friend with your wedding day makeup, here are some tips you must keep in mind. Stop worrying about cheap wedding invitations and start focusing on yourself.

Tips to get flawless makeup:

Here are some small tips to keep in mind to ensure that your makeup will look flawless on your big day. You will thank yourself for keeping these things in mind when the pictures come.

  • Prep your skin: Prepping your skin is the first and the most crucial step before you get your wedding makeup done. Even if you have to drink a gallon of water before your big day, these things will make your skin glow to the fullest. Avoiding alcohol and salty food is best if you don’t want to look puffy the next day.
  • Prime your face: Some people think priming the face is not essential and it is okay to skip this step, but using a primer will make your makeup set the whole day. Using a primer under the skin and a setting spray on top of your makeup will make it last the whole day.
  • Think about contouring: If done correctly, it can make your face look sculpted and beautiful without making you look ashy and bronzy. Try using more lightweight products that are more blendable and follow it with a setting powder.
  • Use a good powder: Some powders make your skin look cakey, and it is impossible to make your skin look good if a lot of product is applied. The powder can cling to the teeny baby hair on your face, which can be a disaster to get rid of. If you are a bride with oily skin, try alternative options like planning your wedding in cold weather, keeping some blotting sheets in your hand at all times, and having your bridesmaid keep an emergency kit in her hand at all times.
  • Add color to your cheeks and lips: You don’t want to look like a vampire when your photographs get clicked, so instruct your makeup artist to add color to your lips and cheeks.

Wedding makeup can be tricky. Some brides feel like they look too white and cakey on their day, so ensure you instruct your makeup artist correctly and enjoy your day to the fullest. It is always better to get your makeup done professionally for your save-the-date wedding cards to know how you will look.