Neekolul No Makeup – Photos Of Famous Twitch Streamer Without Makeup

Born Nicole Sanchez in July 1997, Neekolul is an American Twitch streamerTikTok personality and lip-syncing artist of Mexican and Portuguese descent. As an internet personality, she is covered in makeup most of the time. Yet, we managed to find some Neekolul no makeup photos and pictures. Read on to find out more.

Neekokul rose to fame in March 2020. She was a famous Twitch streamer before, but her popularity soared when she uploaded a TikTok video of her lip syncing to the song Oki Doki Boomer while wearing a Bernie 2020 crop top.

The video was a direct reference to the OK boomer Internet meme. Since then, she is known as the OK Boomer girl.

How Did She Get Famous?

Born in July 1997, Sanchez is of Mexican and Portuguese descent. Her family moved to California from Mexico, and she currently lives in Dallas, Texas. As a young woman, she studied business and marketing in college.

In 2018, she was arrested and spent a night in jail for corporal injury, which is a domestic violence charge. She released a statement concerning the issue in March 2021, saying she was a victim of domestic abuse, including physical beatings by her former partner for many years.

Her statement in March 2021 received support from other popular streamers like Keemstar, Pokimane, and Anna Rudolf.

Speaking of her online career, she created her Neeko Twitch account in October 2017. She is one of the many female streamers that use makeup live on streams. Fans have called them out when they caught them without makeup. Pokimane, for example, received quite the backslash for streaming without makeup. More on Neekokul no makeup pictures later on.

She is bilingual and streams in both English and Spanish. Her account has more than 300,000 followers. Lip-syncing join Twitch? Mostly because of the convenience of the medium. As a content creator on Twitch, she has her content unedited, which is not the case with YouTube creators. Mostly she streams Call of Duty and Fortnite.

She floated around for a few years until peaking in popularity in March 2020 thanks to her online viral video. The video of her lip syncing and dancing to the song Oki Doki Boomer while wearing a Bernie Sanders 2020 shirt was amazing. The caption of the video read, “Like to trigger the Boomers Bernie #2020”.

The OK Boomer meme was used to criticize the Baby boomer generation, and popularized by Gen Z individuals.

That TikTok video received more than 6 million views in just 4 days on the social media platform.

Since her popularity soared, she continued to upload content online. Many compare her streaming style to Pokimane. Some media outlets say that “even as she’s blown up, in her streams she continues to behave in a way that feels accessible and inviting, verging on bubbly. That is not to say, however, that she doesn’t know what she’s doing”.

Her fame as a popular streamer is growing, and she is now more than just a meme. She has since signed with Night Mediaa content management company.

Streamers Facing Criticism


It is fair to say that Neekokul is one of the more popular streamers online. She attempts to walk a fine line, much like other female streamers.

And she faces the same faith as any other female streamer. The moment she mentions she has a boyfriend, her fan base goes down. For example, after revealing she was dating someone, she lost more than 65,000 followers in 48 hours.

Many people believe that women are expected to change themselves to be sexier for those that wish to objectify them. Some critics compare female Twitch streamers to Britney Spears and how society sexualized her.

No matter what sono-makeupers do, they are always subject to criticism from fans and haters.

Neekokul No Makeup Photos

No Makeup Selfies


Neekokul herself is aware of the criticism she might receive for publishing no makeup pictures. As you can see, the TikTok influencer even captioned these Twitter photos “some no makeup selfies to scarce your day”. Most fans love her humor.



What does a content creator do when he/she is bored? Well, take a look at this picture to find out more. As an online personality, you have to find ways to make it entertaining for fans to follow you and watch you.

Cooking For Fans


Here is one Neekokul no makeup photo of the Twitch streamer doing something different for fans. She even lets them take a look into her cooking skills. One of the reasons fans love Neekokul is she lets them inside her life, giving them a better glance of what happens on a day-to-day basis.

Summer Photo


Do you want to see a Neekokul bikini photo? Now that she lives in Dallas, the famous streamer craves some hotter days and summer sun. Well, when you make a choice, you have to live with that.

Hello All


Here is a photo of Neekokul with just minimal makeup. We have to have some of those as well so that you can make the difference between what is a no makeup picture and what is not.

Summer Body


When you are a female streamer, and you have a rocking body like that, you are always at risk of being viewed as a sex object. We do not like to add to it, but the fact of the matter is that you can rarely find Neekokul no makeup photos. And you do not wear makeup at the beach.

Working Out


One way to keep that sexy body in shape is to work out. Even then, she wears minimal makeup. Do you see now how hard it is to find no makeup pictures?

Brand Ambassador


Neekokul also plays League of Legends. Two years ago, she joined the popular LOL team, 100Thieves. Here is a picture of her announcement.

Google Yourself


Let’s finish off with a funny picture of Neekokul. She posted this one on Twitter, wanting to see what people Google about her the most. As you can see, Neekokul’s no makeup is on top of the list.