Oh So Flattering! Why Pear Cut Diamonds Will Be Popular in 2021

2020 was a year that marked a global change: from casual travel, anytime in-person shopping, freely given hugs and close personal contact with acquaintance to social distancing, online shopping and a renewed appreciation for hand sanitizer! Now that the year is over, and the global pandemic is beginning to come under our control (new variants and mutations excepted, of course) we can get on with our lives once again. And an important part of life is marriage – and before marriage comes the engagement ring! Bring on the diamonds!

Life, But Not as We Know It

Everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, to varying degrees: some people have merely been inconvenienced, others have had to abandon their travels and still others – far too many – have lost loved ones. This makes the idea of returning to life exactly as it was before a little uncomfortable, rather like rebuilding one’s house in the path of the tornado that blew it away! For this reason, couples looking to take their relationship to the next level are opting to commemorate their union with something a little bit different: and thousands are choosing a pear cut diamond in their engagement ring. Let us take a look at some of the reasons for choosing this unique stone.

Striking Design

Pear cut diamonds are eye-catching and asymmetrical, and are sure to draw the eye, no matter how they are set, or what size they are. The rounded end is like a round brilliant cut, taking in a great deal of light and refracting it out through the top facets, while the pointed end is excellent for disguising occlusions and flaws. The overall effect is that of a brilliantly sparkly diamond that is distinctly different to a ‘normal’ round brilliant cut stone.

Goes With Anything!

You might think that an asymmetrical stone is not a great choice for a piece of jewelry, but you would be incorrect! Pear cut stones (also known as teardrops) lend themselves remarkably well to most pieces of jewelry, and, in engagement rings, can be used to create the illusions of length and slenderness of the fingers. They are also stunning as pendant necklaces, drawing the eye to the cleavage and making the neck seem longer and more elegant.

Not Old-Fashioned, But Timeless

The pear cut is an old-fashioned cut, certainly, but it is one of those styles that remains elegant and attractive, no matter the time period that they are found in, from eighteenth century ostentation to twenty-first century chic.

All Comes Down to Money (Sometimes!)

When you are buying a diamond, you want to get the biggest and best stone for the least money, and choosing a pear cut diamond for your jewelry is an excellent way to maximise the amount of diamond you get for your money. Pear cut gems are moderately shallow, which means that the top of the stone – the ‘face’ – is bigger, comparative to a round brilliant cut diamond. This means your pear cut diamond’s face is around 8 percent bigger – but you will pay anywhere from ten to thirty percent less, giving you a wonderfully sparkly diamond, in an elegant and beautiful shape for less than you might otherwise pay.