Our favourite cellulite exercises for your legs

Although cellulite is tough to reduce, it’s not impossible. The only approach that is known to work is regular exercise, but any inclusive leg care routine should include body brushing, massaging, and the use of targeted products to help your legs look their best. Opting for the right leg care formulas will make a fundamental difference to how your legs look and feel. So, here are five exercises that are likely to have the most significant impact on cellulite.


Aerobic exercise is great because it gets your lymphatic system working in tandem with your cardiovascular system. Rebounding is an exercise that you perform on a mini trampoline, and it’s awesome at boosting the flow of your lymphatic system. As well as potentially reducing cellulite, rebounding can also improve digestion and stimulate your metabolism. You can buy a rebounder for as little as £30 and get started at home by following your favourite YouTube fitness instructor.


Yoga has so many benefits to your mental and physical health. Most types of yoga necessitate lots of twists, turns, and bends, as well as a range of upside-down motions. Because of this, it’s great for your lymph, and many poses get your lymph system flowing. The legs up to the wall pose is one of the best moves to try to get your blood and lymph flowing when you’re new to yoga.


Ditching the bus or tube for a walk can have such a huge impact on your body. It’s more energising and sets you up for the day ahead, particularly if you sit down at your desk for most of the working day. If you can’t walk to work, why not head to the local park on your lunch break? Until you get into the daily routine, set a reminder on your phone or Fitbit, and you will soon develop the habit as second nature.

Strength training

Hardening the muscles under the cellulite will smoothen it out. One of the best strength exercises to try are lunges, as they are excellent for strengthening the muscles in your legs and glutes. For instance, a curtsy lunge works your glutes, while a lateral lunge gets to work on your thighs. As you become more confident, consider adding some weights and a resistance band for an added impact.


Lymphedema patients are often advised to go cycling, as it’s a low impact exercise that gets the lymph flowing throughout the body. The action of pedalling stimulates and improves lymphatic flow while strengthening your legs and glutes. Whether you prefer jumping on a stationary bike at your local gym or fancy a commute to work on your pushbike, cycling is one of the best exercises you can do to reduce cellulite.

Now that you know of the exercises that can help to reduce cellulite, why not combine them with one of Legology’s popular cellulite plans? It will give you the best chance of reducing your cellulite and will help you feel fitter and more in shape as a result.

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