23 Gorgeous Pull-Through Braid Hairstyles

Pull-through braids are often referred to as the “cheater’s braid,” and for good reason. This innovative technique allows anyone to achieve the appearance of a braid effortlessly without the need to intertwine strands traditionally. For those who find the intricacies of braiding challenging, this method is a true boon. Not only does it present a solution for creating a full, voluminous braid, but it also opens up the door to a myriad of hairstyle possibilities.

Braids have surged in popularity as a fashionable way to keep hair managed and add a bohemian flair to any look. The pull-through braid technique is versatile enough to be suitable for both long and short hair, enhancing texture and volume. This style becomes an especially attractive option for days when you want to elevate your hair game without resorting to the usual French braid or battling with flyaways and frizz.

1. Texturized Pull-Through Braid with Dutch Braid Accents

dutch braid accent on zigzag curled hair
Photo: Instagram.com

We recommend utilizing a wavy hair curler to add texture before creating the pull-through braid. Incorporating Dutch braid accents, we expertly craft a faux mohawk for an energetic look. Suitable for an active day, this style exudes fun and flair.

2. Angel Crown Braid

angel crown braid
Photo: Instagram.com

We often recommend the halo braid for an effortlessly elegant look.

  • Ease: More accessible than classic styles.
  • Aesthetic: Loose strands contribute to a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe.
  • Occasions: Perfect for both casual and upscale events.

3. 3D Pull-Through

#D pull through
Photo: Instagram.com

We’ve taken the pull-through braid up a notch by weaving multiple braids to create a chunky, voluminous effect. This technique amplifies texture and gives a dynamic twist to the classic style. The velvet ashy lavender tone underscores our innovation, resulting in a standout aesthetic that redefines typical braid expectations.

4. Diagonal Pull-Through Braid

side back updo braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We can appreciate the elegance and simplicity of a diagonal pull-through braid. Starting at ear level, it weaves gracefully to the opposite shoulder, making it suitable for any occasion, from casual gatherings to wedding events. The lack of additional adornments emphasizes its chic and effortless allure.

5. Four Strand Pull-Through Braid With Rope Braid

Stacked ropetwistbraid on top of a frenchbraid on top of a 4 strand pullthroughbraid braid
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Base Style: Four Strand Pull-Through Braid
  • Accents:
    • Top: French Braid
    • Additional: Rope Braid
    • Embellishments: Hair Cuffs

Styling Tip: We layer these elements to craft a hairstyle that is intricate and suitable for any age. This combination provides a rich texture and dimension. The key is to balance the braids without overwhelming the look, creating a unique and cohesive style that stands out.

6. Blue Loose And Messy

blue loose messy
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Hair Color: Navy blue and cerulean
  • Style: Pull-through braid
  • Look: Chunky, casual, vibrant
  • Impression: Oceanic vibes

We capture the essence of the sea with every strand.

7. Large Side Braid

large side braid
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Single pull-through side braid
  • Look: Large, slightly messy
  • Occasion: Casual relaxation
  • Effort: Minimal; suitable for multitasking

We can achieve a playful yet put-together look effortlessly.

8. Corset Pull-Through Braid

corset pullthrough
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Secure the style: Start with double French pull-through braids.
  • Transform to a low ponytail for strength during active days.
  • Weave through color: Lace any hue of string for personal flair.

9. Messy Jumbo Side Braids

side jumbo messy braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We can effortlessly elevate our medium length tresses with a side braid.

  • Pull-through technique
  • Embrace a fuller, tousled look
  • No excessive styling required

Side braids exude an understated elegance.

10. Tuck-In Pull-Through Braid

tuck-in pull through
Photo: Instagram.com

We appreciate the dual charm of hairstyles that save time and look stunning. The Tuck-In Pull-Through Braid stands out by:

  • Volume: Each braid section has a wrap at the base for enhanced volume.
  • Texture: The added wraps contribute to a textured appearance.
  • Versatility: Tucking the end at the neck’s base shifts the style from casual to classy.

11. Pull Through And Wrap Around Elastic

pull throiigh and wrap around elastic
Photo: Instagram.com

We can enhance pull-through braids by using clear elastics to maintain space consistency. Wrapping hair around each elastic not only conceals it but also adds volume to the braid:

  • Select a small hair strand
  • Neatly wrap it around the elastic band
  • Secure the end to maintain a cohesive look

This technique ensures that the elastics blend seamlessly into the hairstyle.

12. Infinity Pull-Through French Pigtails

infinity pull-through french pigtails
Photo: Instagram.com

We create a lively look with voluminous pull-through braids and infinity loops seamlessly transitioning into French pigtails. Ideal for an energetic and unique appearance.

Key Features:

  • Vibrancy: Mixture of braid styles for a dynamic effect.
  • Structure: Half-tied infinity braids and uneven French braids.
  • Occasion: Suitable for creating a standout, fun aesthetic.

13. Side Pull-Through Loop With Tressels

side opull through loop tressels
Photo: Instagram.com

We present a bohemian-inspired half-up hairstyle featuring:

  • A large side loop braid
  • Integration of thin and thick strands
  • A pull-through braid finish

Styling Tips:

  • Weave in colorful tressels for vibrancy
  • Wrap tiny strands around the braid’s end for added texture

14. Large Pull-Through Braids With Butterfly Clips

large pull throuwgh with butterfly clips
Photo: Instagram.com

We transform basic pull-through braids into show-stopping styles with the right accessories. A single voluminous braid on dyed hair, interspersed with whimsical butterfly hair clips, sets the tone for an exciting day.

  • Accessories: Butterfly clips
  • Hairstyle: Large pull-through braid
  • Ideal for: Adding a playful touch to your look

15. Pull-Through Braid With A Twist And Tuck

twist and tuck pull through
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Low messy pull-through braid
  • Technique: Start with a pull-through braid, then add a twist and tuck at the base
  • Ideal For: Laid-back days

16. Textured Pull-Through Crown Braid

textured pull through crown braid
  • Transform a simple pull-through braid into a stylish crown updo.
  • Requires minimal effort to create an elegant, halo effect.
  • We wrap the braid around the head to achieve a regal appearance.

17. Three Strand Pull-Through Braid

three strand pull through braids
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Achieve a textured Mohawk look
  • No cutting required
  • Ideal for platinum, long hair


  1. Section hair
  2. Weave three strands
  3. Pull through for volume

Result: Edgy, chic appearance.

18. Half Faux Hawk Ponytail

half faux hawk pony
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Half Faux Hawk
  • Ponytail Type: High Ponytail
  • Distinct Techniques: Pull-through braid sections

We enhance a typical ponytail with flair by incorporating pull-through braids atop the head, culminating in an audacious high ponytail, exemplifying a faux hawk edge. This style brings an innovative dimension to the classic ponytail, perfect for those seeking a touch of boldness in their look.

19. Cornrows Into a Pull Through Braid

Cornrows into a pull through braid
Photo: Instagram.com

We see cornrows as more than just a hairstyle; they are a vibrant expression meshing well with pull-through braids to create a tropical aesthetic. This traditional African hairstyle has resurfaced in modern culture, providing us with a unique way to integrate a piece of heritage into our looks. Adding subtle cornrow accents, rather than a full head of cornrows, can be sufficient to elevate the exotic charm of our hair.

20. Boho Pull Through

boho pull through
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Description: Elevates bohemian style with added volume
  • Look: Elegant, sophisticated

We incorporate classic pull-through braids to enhance our bohemian flair. Embracing this trend, we ensure our bohemian accessories remain at the forefront of fashion, reflecting both sophistication and a free-spirited elegance.

21. Two Buns With Pull Through Braid In The Middle

two buns with a pull through braid into them
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Youthful and chic
  • Technique: Pull-through braid flanked by buns


  1. Create a central braid.
  2. Finish with buns at each end.

Tip: Perfect blend of playful and stylish for a versatile look.

22. Braided Mohawk

braided mohawk
Photo: Instagram.com

We’ve seen the resurgence of the Mohawk as a symbol of empowerment for women worldwide, shifting from traditional styles to bolder choices. Our adaptation includes braids that add a unique twist to the classic Mohawk, also known as the faux hawk. This modern interpretation not only commands attention but maintains the versatility that the Mohawk is celebrated for.

23. Pull Through With Curls Updo

pul through with curls updo
Photo: Instagram.com

The Pull-Through with Curls Updo combines the charm of playful curls with the sophistication of an updo. It’s a versatile choice for those aiming to achieve a youthful yet elegant look. Here’s how to recreate this hairstyle:

  • Start by sectioning your hair and creating a series of ponytails down the center of your head.
  • Split each ponytail in two, and pull the next ponytail through the split sections, adding curls as you go to create volume and texture.
  • Continue this pattern until you reach the nape of your neck, then secure the style with bobby pins.
  • Finish by curling the remaining hair and pinning it up to blend seamlessly with the braided effect.

Embrace this hairstyle to add a sweet, endearing touch to your ensemble.