Quick and Easy Makeup Combos for Beginners

Makeup can be pretty exciting especially when you’re new to lipstick, foundation cream, eyeliner and a lot more. When starting on a new makeup journey, it is best to opt for makeup products for beginners by reputed & clean beauty brands. But before you commit, remember that you got to get a few pointers ready –

What are you looking for? Basic everyday looks or something special?

What is your skin tone & skin type like? For example, do you have a wheatish skin tone and have dry skin? This will help govern the form of the products – liquid, gel or powder and also the shade that’s just right for you.

Do you want just a couple of products or a full makeup kit. Usually, a makeup combo for beginners can get you additional savings and will also be hassle-free.

If you are not sure about these and want to get an idea about what’s on offer, then read on for Iba’s picks! These are safe and cost-effective options for a beginner makeup kit.

Iba Makeup Gift Set

Iba prides itself on having cruelty-free, vegan makeup, skin care and hair care products. This is essential when opting for makeup products for beginners. The Iba Makeup Gift Set is the perfect makeup combo for beginners – it has a face primer, foundation cream, compact powder, kohl kajal, creamy lipstick and a matte lipstick. This acts as a full makeup kit for when you are just starting out on your beauty journey.

Iba products are free from animal ingredients and toxic chemicals which are harmful to the skin over long periods of time. This makeup gift set has the perfect range to create a full-face makeup look for 3 Indian skin tones – fair, medium and dusky. The makeup set price is very reasonable and can fit into any budget.

The 10/10 Gift Box by Fae Beauty

This is a very hassle free makeup combo – the basic skin stick, the lip whip and the one glaws gloss are all very easy to apply and have amazing textures designed to last all day. The SkinStick especially is soothing, hydrating and restores the protective barrier of the skin and comes in a serum stick format. The gloss comes in 14 shades, meant for Indian skin tones and has a range from bright to nude colors.

Dramatic Eyes Essential Makeup Set by Blue Heaven

Eyeliner, kohl kajal, eye shadow, mascara, etc. are all great but can be daunting when you aren’t sure what to apply, when to apply and lack the practice to achieve flawless eye looks. Along with kajal, eyeliner and mascara, this makeup combo for beginners also includes a micellar water makeup remover for easy and quick makeup removal which allows your skin to breathe and removes any makeup residues effectively while nourishing the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Beauty Essentials Makeup Kit by JustHerbs

This makeup combo for beginners has a classic assortment of beauty essentials for everyday use. The brand is known to use the highest quality ingredients and also houses other ranges of products like hair, skin and fragrances at very competitive prices.

Among the makeup products for beginners in this kit are a primer, a foundation, lip & cheek tint, matte lipstick, kajal and an Ayurvedic makeup remover. Overall, this beginner makeup kit aims to nourish and even out the skin while providing great makeup for the day.

Renee Travel Kit

This doubles up as a great travel-friendly makeup kit as well as a full makeup kit for beginners. It contains a 5-in-1 lipstick, kajal, floral perfume and 3-in-1 face stick – all designed to give a flawless makeup look for beginners or anybody else who is traveling.available in 2 shades, it gives both a subtle everyday look and a glam night look depending on the products used.

The Essential Kit 2.0 by Insight Cosmetics

This little kit packs a lot along with a blingy pouch to carry all the products. Containing a primer, color corrector, matte lipstick, eyeshadow, loose powder, liquid foundation, lip ink, highlighter and nail paint, this is practically everything you’d need for a full makeup look – right down to your perfect fingernails!

Lakmé Marriage Bridal Complete Makeup

This brand needs no introduction and beginner makeup kit contains a CC cream, foundation, kajal, compact and eyeliner which covers all basic makeup looks. Pair it with your favorite lip shade and you are ready to rock!

So here is the best list for makeup products for beginners. We’ve answered a few questions for you here, in case of any doubts you may have!


1. Should I go for only specific products/looks? How do I know what doesn’t work for me?

Always remember – don’t just blindly follow trends, do your research and opt for what works best for you. Whenever trying a new product, do a patch test on the inside of your wrist so that there are no adverse reactions to any ingredients when you apply directly to your face.

2. How do I get the most out of my makeup combo for beginners?

Always cleanse and prime your skin before applying makeup – this ensures even coverage and prevents an artificial cakey finish. Start with less products which do more, like a multi-purpose lip & cheek tint which can act as eyeshadow, blush as well as lipstick – so you save more while needing less products!

3. Shall I read the fine print? There is a lot I do not understand!

Yes, always look at the fine print – opt for vegan, 100% cruelty-free makeup only. There will be relevant information and logos marking products as safe, look out for the bunny for instance. Make sure your products are free from mineral oil, sulfates, parabens and other nasties. And don’t forget to enjoy the compliments on your makeup!