The Makeup Magic of Rihanna: Get Her Signature Look with Pro Tips

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Rihanna, the pop-diva and beauty mogul, is renowned for her enviable, radiant skin and unique style. As the founder of the multi-billion-dollar skincare brand, Fenty Beauty, she has achieved great heights in the beauty world. This article collates all the rihanna beauty tips to help you achieve that glowing look, too.

Today, we will talk about her beauty secrets, as well as what she uses for her eyeliner, bronzer, lipstick, foundation, highlighter, concealer, and other makeup products.

Embrace the Sun, but Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Rihanna, a native of the sunny island of Barbados, understands the power of the sun and its impact on the skin. She has always been an advocate for natural skincare, but she’s also a staunch supporter of using sunscreen daily. Her initial misconception about sunscreen, as she revealed in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, was that it was only for tourists and not for black people. However, she soon learned otherwise and now advocates for daily sun protection.

Rihanna’s go-to sunscreen is Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor. Even on cloudy days, she ensures that her great skin is adequately protected from harmful UV radiation. This is one of the first rihanna beauty tips to keep in mind: sunscreen is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Go for High-End Facials

Rihanna is known for her flawless skin, which she maintains with regular high-end facials. She often visits New York’s famous Tracie Martyn spa, where she indulges in the $800 “Electro Fusion Facial.” This luxurious treatment includes a session in a ruby ray LED light bed, diamond microdermabrasion, and an enzyme exfoliating mask.

Indulge in Whipped Oil Body Creams

Rihanna’s skin always appears luscious and glowing. The secret behind this is her love for whipped oil body creams. She swears by Fenty’s “deliciously whipped oil body moisturizer,” as revealed by her makeup artist, Priscilla Ono. This moisturizer, often referred to as the “Butta Drop” beauty product, is something she “goes nuts with.”

Hydrate with Coconut Water

Rihanna’s love for coconut water goes back to her roots in Barbados. She uses it as a natural remedy to keep her skin hydrated. In an interview with Billboard, she mentioned that she hydrates her body with coconut water to keep her skin supple and glowing.

Opt for Facial Sprays For a “Wet Look”

Rihanna’s skin often has a dewy, “wet look.” This is achieved by using facial sprays. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Marc Jacobs Re (cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist are among her favourite products. These sprays add an instant glow to her skin, making it look fresh and radiant.

Say No to Soaps but Yes to Natural Cleansers

Rihanna’s skin care and beauty routine doesn’t include soaps as they can be harsh on the skin. Instead, she opts for natural cleansers that are gentle yet effective. However, there’s one exception to this rule: her eyebrows. Her makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, uses soap to set her eyebrows, giving them a fluffed up and feathery “editorial brow” look.

Bright Lips are a Game Changer

Rihanna often sports a bright red lip, which she believes can instantly transform your mood. She mentioned in an interview with E! that a bold lip color can make you talk differently and change your attitude instantly.

Prioritize Nighttime Skincare

Rihanna never skips her nighttime skincare routine. She uses a gentle cleanser, like Fenty’s Total Cleans’r, to wash off all the dirt and makeup from her face at the end of the day. This cleanser not only cleanses the skin but also adds nutrients back into it.

Balanced Diet and Regular Workout

A balanced diet and regular workout are essential parts of Rihanna’s beauty regime. She follows a strict workout routine, which includes cardio exercises like biking, jogging, and jumping jacks, and follows a healthy diet plan prepared by her personal chef.

Embrace the Trend of Vitamin IV Drips

Bad Gal RiRi, along with other Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Katy Perry, and Gwyneth Paltrow, Ariana Grande, has tried vitamin IV drips. These drips, which involve injecting a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, claim to offer anti-aging and immunity-boosting effects.

Rihanna’s skin care routine is not just about using high-end products or following the latest trends. It’s about understanding her skin, learning what works best for her, and taking care of her skin both inside and out. Keep these Rihanna beauty secrets in mind for a glowing, radiant complexion like hers.

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