25 Hot and Sexy Shaved Sides Hairstyles You Should Try ASAP

The resurgence of shaved hairstyles has introduced a chic edge into the fashion zeitgeist, with the shaved side haircut standing out as a bold yet versatile choice. This style, reminiscent of the past yet distinct in its modern rebellion, involves shaving one side of the head, offering a stark contrast to longer hair on the top or the opposite side. The look has become synonymous with a strong personal statement, allowing individuals to express their personality through their hair.

With shaved hairstyles comes a myriad of styling possibilities catering to various hair types and preferences. Shaved sides are not just a statement of fashion but also a nod to the haircut trends that have swept through different eras. No longer just a mark of rebellion, the asymmetry of a shaved side can enhance the hairline and shape of the face, proving that a haircut can transform not just how we look, but also how we feel about ourselves. We offer ideas that enable you to choose a haircut that resonates with your unique character.

1. Elegant Shoulder Length

elegant shoulder with bangs and side cut
Photo: Instagram.com

Our suggestions for a timeless shoulder-length haircut include a balanced long, layered look. It presents itself with a neat yet simple elegance, ensuring that the style remains both classic and manageable.

  • Long Hair: Retains length while adding shape
  • Layered: Introduces texture and volume

This style suits many and requires minimal effort for a polished appearance.

2. Shaved Fade Out Lines On TWA

shaved fade out lines TWA
Photo: Instagram.com

Embrace a bold TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) with shaved fade out lines for an edgier stance. Here’s how:

  • Ensure you have curly hair suiting this style.
  • Use clippers for precise side fades.
  • Combine with confidence to carry off this fade haircut for women.

3. Goddess Locks With Shaved Side

godess locks shaved sides
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Styles: Goddess locks can transform our look.
  • Edge: Shaving one side adds a bold twist.
  • Variation: Incorporate artificial hair for volume.

4. Black Root Blond With Razor Cut Braided Line

black root blond hair braid edge
Photo: Instagram.com

We’ve encountered a bold design that speaks volumes. Razor-cut braids etched into black-rooted blond hair, a fusion embodying edge and flair.

  • Hair Color: Blond with black roots
  • Style: Razor-cut braided line

Celebrities often embrace such designs, setting trends. Emulate their confidence by trying out this statement hairstyle.

5. Purple Pixie

purple pixie
Photo: Instagram.com

Our Take on the Pixie

  • Asymmetrical Twist: Reinvents the classic pixie.
  • Daring Shaved Side: Adds an edge and highlights volume.
  • Fashion Statement: We adopt a contemporary approach to a timeless cut.

6. Line And Cut Edging Heart Curly Hair

line and cut rdging curly hair
Photo: Instagram.com

Curly hair offers a unique canvas for creative edging. We often incorporate lines or patterns as subtle expressions of style. For thick hair, a statement line provides elegance without the commitment of fully shaving one side. Consider implementing a heart design; it’s refined and adds a touch of personality. Remember:

  • Pattern Choice: A simple heart shape for a timeless look
  • Maintenance: Requires regular upkeep to preserve the definition
  • Thick Hair Consideration: Ensures visibility even on voluminous textures

7. Bold Shave On Long Red Hair

long red short shave
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Red Pixie Cut
  • Inspiration: Celebrity trends
  • Bold Choice: Shaved sides

We recommend this for those ready to make a statement. It’s daring yet fashionable, and absolutely a conversation starter. Think of it as your moment to shine with a fearless look.

8. Long Cut On Purple Hair

black long shave on purple hair
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Trend: Side-shaved haircuts with long buzz.
  • Length: Typically short, but versatile to preference.
  • Our Advice: We advise to choose the depth of your shave based on comfort.

9. Silver Mohawk With Razorcut

silver mohawk with razorcut
Photo: Instagram.com

We recognize the evolution of the Mohawk as a sophisticated style option. Our appreciation has grown for variations like the Silver Mohawk with razorcut sides.

  • Style: Silver-toned Mohawk coupled with shaved sides
  • Occasions: Now suited for formal events

This expresses a daring yet chic aesthetic. It’s a modern twist on classic cuts such as the buzzcut, pompadour, and the high and tight, demonstrating versatility and elegance.

10. Side Shaved 3b Curls In Warm Tones

3b curl shaved two colors
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Bold Expression: Embrace the edge with a side shave that enhances curly hair’s natural volume.
  • Warm Palette: Hair dyes in warm hues complement the bold cut for an impactful statement.
  • Curly Advantage: Our 3b type curls thrive with the added contrast and dimension of shaved sides.

11. Wavy Zigzag Fadeout TWO

wavy zigzag fadeout two
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Trend: Women opting for shorter haircuts.
  • Style: Buzz cut with a twist.
  • Feature: Side shave with a wavy zigzag pattern.
  • Statement: A bold fashion choice reflecting a blend of edge and femininity.
  • Popularity: Gaining traction, especially as an empowering style statement.
  • Long Braids: In contrast, long braids remain a timeless and versatile option.

12. Long Bang Shoulder Razor Cut Line

long bang shoulder razor cut line
Photo: Instagram.com

Hair Length: Shoulder

  1. Style: Long Bang Razor Cut
  2. Features:
    • Distinct razor line
    • Adds edge to the look
  3. Suitability:
    • Ideal for straight hair
    • Complements a deep part

13. Caramel Curly Side Shave

caramel curly
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color: Caramel tones
  • Texture: Soft waves
  • Unique Feature: Side shave

We recommend this style to highlight our curls and introduce contrast.

14. Shaved Side With Slicked Back Ponytail

shaved slicked back ponytail
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Pony Style: Slicked back into a low pony.
  • Undercut Design: Prominent on one side.
  • Visual Appeal: Heroine-like boldness.

Styling Tip: We maintain a balance of edginess and elegance.

15. Green Pixie Two Cut Lines

green pixie two cuts
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color Variations: Light, Dark, Emerald Green
  • Style Appeal: Adds a bold touch to the pixie cut
  • Our Recommendation: Combine with a shaved side for an edgier look

16. Sunset Bangs Pixie

sunset bangs pixie
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Hair Maintenance: Regular trims ensure perfection.
  • Pixie Cut Appeal: Offers a stunning look.
  • Color Palette: Incorporate lavender or bright colors for impact.
  • Styling Detail: Consider a pixie undercut for dimension.

17. Long Top Caramel Ombre Long Side

long top caramel ombre long side
Photo: Instagram.com

We recommend experimenting with the caramel ombre trend by incorporating a long side shave:

  • Color Transition: Natural root to caramel ends
  • Styling: Combines ombre with an edgy side shave
  • Popularity: Updating as trends evolve

18. Micro Box Braids Shaved Side

muco box braids shaved side
Photo: Instagram.com

In our exploration of braided hairstyles, micro box braids with a shaved side stand out for their precision. We often observe this stunning style as a statement of boldness and sharpness—features celebrated in diverse cultural expressions.

Attribute Description
Appeal Confident, sharp
Popularity High in cinematic representations
Variation Incorporates braid rings
  • Braids: Small, meticulous box braids
  • Shaved Side: Clean-cut and sleek

When styling, we ensure the shaved side complements the box braids, enhancing our client’s facial features and personal style.

19. Curly Blond Mohawk

curly blond mohawk
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Curly Blond Mohawk
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Details:
    • Platinum Tones: Ideal for enhancing curls
    • Shaved Nape: Adds bold contrast

Embrace the resurgence of the Mohawk with a touch of class.

20. Long Shaved Side V-cut

long haved side with V-cut
Photo: Instagram.com

We can embody a bold aesthetic by adopting the Long Shaved Side V-cut. This style integrates:

  • Half Shaved: Maintains length while introducing an edge.
  • Shaved Sides and Back: A V-cut pattern for a distinctive appeal.

With our creativity, the shaved design can range from subtle to dramatic to suit our personal style preferences.

21. Shaved Crochet Braids

shaved crochet braid
Photo: Instagram.com

We’ve embraced the versatility of crochet braids. Here’s a twist on the classic style:

  • Braided Bun: Ideal for an elegant updo
  • Twists: Adds dimension and flair
  • Protective Styles: Maintains hair health

Each offers a unique aesthetic that complements the shaved design.

22. Gradient Cut With Tiny Bun

gradient cut with tiny bun
Photo: Instagram.com

We achieve a distinctive look with a gradient cut. By shaving one side, we spotlight the remaining hair. Styling options we might consider:

  • Bun: A small bun adds elegance.
  • Ponytail: Offers a dynamic contrast.
  • Free-flowing: Emphasizes the haircut’s edginess.

23. Candy Bun With Shaved Edged Razor-cut

candy bun with shaved edged razorcut
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Trend: Bold statement
  • Aesthetic: Youthful edge
  • Ideal for: The confident few

24. Fade Cut On Pixie

fade cut on pixie
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Fade Cut: Incorporates a pixie with a shaved undercut.
  • Style Choices: Undercuts can vary in length and design.
  • Confidence Indicator: Bold and confident appearance.
Feature Detail
Hair Length Short
Undercut Style Shaved Side
Ideal For Adding edge to traditional pixie cut

25. curly long blonde shaved side

curly ong blonde shaved side
Photo: Instagram.com

Style Highlights:

  • The Mohawk:
    • Not your traditional crest.
    • Enhanced length for a dramatic effect.

Implementation Tip:

Show the saved photo from your device to your hairstylist to replicate this unique style.