Six Staples For Your Closet This Spring

Spring is a season of change. The cold weather turns into warm sunshine. The barren trees turn into patches of wildflowers. You clean out your home, go through your closet, and donate items you no longer wear. With that spring change comes the chance to have a fresh start. An easy fresh start you can make that doesn’t require much effort is surveying your spring wardrobe, then replacing the unworn, uncomfortable, and unappealing pieces with staples.

We love a good staple because of how versatile it is. Staples are those pieces you can wear any time or add to any outfit in order to draw it together. They’re essentials because a few well-chosen staples are really all you need to have a closet that’s put together but not overflowing with items. Let’s walk through the six staples you should add to your closet this spring to make dressing each morning simpler and more fun.

A Little Black Dress or Two

Of course the black dress is the first staple on our list. It has always been one of the number one pieces any person can (and should) own. Black is a blank canvas that you can dress up or down, but even left alone it gives you an aura of sophistication and style. Any black pieces in your closet can be considered staples, since they can be added to outfits without also adding busyness to the looks. But the black dress is in a league of its own; there’s no occasion you can’t reasonably wear a black dress. Do yourself a favor and find a few staple black dresses, but know that that doesn’t mean they can’t also be statement pieces.

Flowy Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are everywhere right now, and no one is complaining. They’re long and flowy and adorable, which offers multiple benefits to you, the wearer: they’re comfortable; they keep your legs warm and won’t have you accidentally showing anything while getting in and out of the car; they allow you to be covered but have options to reveal a little leg with a side slit; they flow around your body in a way that always has you prepared to do some dancing (you never know what situation might arise). Maxi skirts are the whimsical piece with a touch of romance that we’ve been waiting for. A good silky maxi skirt with a patterned print looks amazing with a cropped sweater, or perhaps try a crepey skirt material with a blouse.

A Two Piece Set

No two piece set is not amazing; all the combinations are chic. Matching sets are pretty much the simplest way to look put together while wearing an outfit that took zero planning. A few set combos you can’t go wrong with include: a crop top with bike shorts, a sweater with long culotte pants, a button down shirt with drawstring shorts, and a halter top with pleated mini skirt. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can find two piece sets that bare a lot of skin, making them pieces to also transition into summer, or you can find sets that provide coverage. We recommend both for whatever mood you’re in on any given day.

A Lightweight Blazer

Whether you’re looking to style it for a work chic vibe or as an “oversized blazer as upscale hoodie” vibe, the blazer is a wonderfully versatile piece. You can go full-on suit outfit with a blazer and matching dress pants or pencil skirt; you can use it to give an outfit a little more of a sophisticated feel; you can wear it with your favorite vintage band t-shirt tucked into high waist jeans. However you style it, the blazer is a staple for spring because it’s lightweight and helps you transition from cold to warm weather.

Chunky Shoulder Bags

We love a good tote bag for lugging around groceries or carrying work essentials. For those of you (ahem, all of us) who also use tote bags to carry the way-too-many items you can’t leave at home, your time has come. Oversized shoulder bags are a hot item this spring, which is great news because now you can fit all the items you need to have with you at all times.

A Trench Coat

The trench coat has been everywhere lately. No longer is it associated with brooding black-and-white-film stars in old movies but it also holds its own as an it-girl’s coat of choice. Trench coats are amazing because they’re long and comfortable, keeping much of your body warm at once. Yet, they’re still lightweight for spring. A bonus perk is all the pockets and buttons they’re made with. You can wear your trench coat with literally any outfit to determine the vibe; from wearing it over your pajamas to wearing it over a bodycon dress and heels, trench coats just kind of work with every look.


Spring is one of the best seasons because it’s the chance to style yourself differently than you have for the past many months. It’s also the perfect time to restock your wardrobe with the clothing pieces that will become everyday staples. Simple staples are versatile and worn numerous ways, which makes them must-have essentials for spring.

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