Skin Care Trends Set to Take a Turn for the Better come 2022

As we move into a new year, we need to think about how we can look and feel our best – and that includes great skincare. Get ready for the most luminous, healthy skin of your life – with these big skincare trends for 2022. Organic Skincare Australia has taken the view that skincare for many is becoming an obsession. For many, skincare is starting to become a religion, and there are high priests of luxury brands who are spending thousands on holistic treatments.

Online dermatology

Online dermatology is set to become a necessity in 2022. Whether you don’t have time to book in with a local dermatologist or need advice outside of their consultation hours, watching an online one-on-one dermatology consultation could be the solution.

It may also become hugely popular among patients who regularly travel for work, given that the consultations could be carried out by dermatologists anywhere in the world.

Prep yourself for a year of injectables

With injectables growing in popularity and new options flooding the market, it can be hard to find trustworthy information about what will and won’t work for your skin. It can be even harder to figure out who you can trust to get the best results. Whether you’re looking to target specific areas of tension in the face or firm up facial muscles, there are many options when it comes to injectables. Organic Skincare Australia is designed to help you understand the different types and determine which is right for your skin.

New grooming trends come and go, but Botox and fillers have been a staple in the world for a long period. It’s the stuff of magazine covers each month as stars look to ‘stop the clock’ with needle and thread. Next year is no different, with skin, including bespoke scribe, even opting for fillers as early as teens.

Subtle will be the new skin buzzword

It’s the new skincare buzzword, “Subtle”, as in “subtle tweaks,” “subtlety is key”, and “I only use subtle products from now on.”

This coming year, a new approach to skincare is all the rage. Fine tweaks are a major trend—and that means skin that’s enhanced rather than erased. “It’s about finding a way to elevate the skin that keeps the natural tones and texture visible,” says Gucci Westman.

To have less, you’ll need to have more

A major trend in the skincare market will be less is more. People will also be increasingly aware of the environmental impact of beauty products.

So, what will replace the multi-step routine? “We might see a return to the old fashioned ‘cleanse and moisturise’ or ‘cleanse and tone’ approach,” says Dr Mahto. “We might also see a return to a much more minimalist approach to skincare, using a single product for multiple purposes.”

Bottom line, for many years, consumers have been led to believe that the best skin care products are heavily branded with luxurious packaging and high price tags. But this is set to change as consumers become experts and begin to understand the contents of their skincare products – and they will be expecting results.

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