Some Smaller Beauty Brands Are Gaining Traction During The Pandemic

Smaller beauty brands are pivoting during the COVID-19 pandemic, by powering up their e-commerce and social media efforts, according to a recent report from Yahoo. While many beauty brands of all sizes are struggling during uncertain times, there are smaller beauty companies that are actually thriving. If you’re interested in supporting these smaller players in the beauty game, including beauty brands run by talented black beauty experts, you’re on the right track. Many smaller beauty brands offer special perks to customers, such as access to sustainable products with natural ingredients, or unique beauty buys that are hard to find anywhere else. When it comes to online service, many smaller beauty brands also provide a personal touch, as they are all about meaningful engagement with their demographics.

Ilia Beauty Will Help You Glow Up

Ilia Beauty is one of the top performers during these tough times, according to the same Yahoo report, and this company helps its customers to get the radiant, glowing look that is so Instagram-worthy. The company was created by Vancouver-born, California-based beauty guru, Sasha Plavsic. She had the courage to create a business plan and take care of other nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship, from accessing appropriate business insurance to protect her beauty business from liability, to finding a brand image, to selecting the right team members. Entrepreneurship is a voyage of discovery, and those who do it right, step by step, can make amazing progress. Sasha has scaled up to get her amazing products to more people. This beauty firm is on the smaller side but rapidly growing.

Thanks to its belief that makeup should have skincare benefits. Ilia Beauty adds active skincare ingredients and botanical essences to its suite of appealing beauty products, for a clean beauty approach that is right on-trend. Highlights from this acclaimed and award-winning collection include True Skin Serum Foundation, with marula oil, rosehip oil and other beneficial natural oils, and the cult favorite, Tinted Lip Conditioner, with jasmine and olive oil. Be sure to check out this impressive company before you get your next beauty fix.

Black Girl Sunscreen Caters To POC

This Miami-based, black-owned small beauty brand offers sunscreen for people of color, which is loaded with soothing and beneficial natural ingredients. It won’t impact hormones because it’s free of Octinoxate and Oxybenzone. When you choose this company’s ultra-sheer sunscreen, you’ll never need to worry about white residue, and it will pamper as it protects, thanks to vitamin-C-enriched carrot juice, antioxidant cacao, and emollient avocado.

Youth To The People Offers Vegan-Friendly Skincare

This beauty company comes from California’s Bay Area, and it’s the brainchild of Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes, who are related. It’s a family-owned brand that offers moisturizing creams, serums and “dream masks” with natural ingredients, including green tea and vitamins. The brand’s aesthetic is sleek, modern and sustainable. These vegan-friendly products come in recyclable packaging and are never tested on animals.

Now that you know more about the power and potential of smaller beauty brands, why not try some of their products? While you don’t need to stop buying from the big brands out there, you may find that supporting smaller companies is very satisfying, especially during a time when a lot of independent brands are going the extra mile for their customers. Smaller brands lack that corporate vibe, and many offer impressive product purity and performance.

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