Start a Personalized Skin Care System for the New Year

With 2020 behind us, we can finally turn to the future—a notion that will be a relief to a lot of us. In terms of the world of health and beauty products, no trend typifies the new year, or the notion of fresh resolutions, quite so well as the personalized skin care system.

After a year of asking ourselves to socially distance ourselves and change our behaviors for the sake of the greater good, there’s something appealing about rewarding yourself with a skin care formula that’s made exclusively for you. But surprisingly, they’re among the most practical choices as well. Here are some of the myriad reasons why you should check out personalized skin care products in 2021.

They’re Powered by Innovative Research Breakthroughs

2018 was a big year for our understanding of skin care. It’s the year that the Skin Genome Project won  MIT’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence Award. Created by a group of Stanford scientists, it couldn’t have happened at any time before.

Instead, it was a unique combination of dermatological expertise and a large-scale understanding of data science that helped create the database that funds the Skin Genome Project’s artificial intelligence. Eight million user testimonials, tens of thousands of products, and thousands of scientific journals were digitized for the sake of analysis and used to create a truly staggering analysis of why each individual’s hair is like it is and how effective various products can be used to treat it.

That’s the technology that’s powering the personalized skin care brand known as Proven. Run by the same scientists that created the Skin Genome Project, it uses a questionnaire to figure out the perfect treatment for your skin and send you a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer suited to your skin’s unique characteristics. Proven is just one of many personalized skin care brands out there, but it distinguishes itself from the competition with its combination of proven scientific acumen and its focus on all-natural ingredients that have often been used as folk remedies for hundreds of years.

They’re Convenient to Your Lifestyle

2020 has changed how we work in a lot of ways, from telecommuting to relying on delivery services for dinner and the packages we’d normally just pick up from the store. That’s true of our beauty products as well. Products like the Proven kit come in three convenient products that are formulated specifically for your hair. It makes shopping for skin products simple, and it can be delivered right to your door, so you’ll always have some on deck when you start to run low on supplies.

They’re Actually a Value-Conscious Choice

When you think about it, creating your own personalized beauty routine can cost you a lot of money. You’ll likely need to spend a long time experimenting with new products to find the perfect combination for your skin, and chances are that you’ll end up stockpiling more skin care products than you need—increasing both the cost and the time you spend in front of the mirror every morning.

When talking about a skin care product that’s formulated for your specific skin type, putting on products like Proven’s serums and cleansers is like wearing a fitted suit.

Make it a New Years Resolution to investigate a personalized skin care system—not just because it’s something you deserve, but also because it’s an easy resolution to wrap up. A three-minute questionnaire can help you get a solid bearing on your type of skin and help you get the glowing and healthy skin that you’ve always dreamed of.