Stylish and Chic Medium Length Hairstyles For All

Not always too short a style or extremely long mane is something that you dream about. It is true that at times fashionable ladies wish there was something in-between to experiment so that you can show off your loose locks as well as a trendy hairdo.

As a matter of fact, Glaminati has gathered the best compilation of medium length hairstyles while we know precisely which type and style will suit you personally best. Are you ready to find your seamless mid-length cut and style?

Layered Cuts

No matter the cuts in style, you should also consider your hair texture as well as the face shape when picking the one that will compliment you best. For instance, longer layers are merely perfect for those ladies with fine hair and round faces. At the very same time, round layers can add that necessary softness to square faces. It is never enough to consider the popularity of the cut, you need to project it on yourself in the first place.

Mid-Length Cuts For Thick Hair

You may already know it that the thicker the hair is, the heavier. However, this can be both an advantage as well as a disadvantage. If you come up with a wrong cut for your thick hair, you will not only be disappointed, you will spend twice as much time on styling. Thus, it is advised to play around with longer mid cuts when your hair is thick so that you have the most control over it.

Medium Length Cuts For Fine Hair

It does not take a genius to figure out that fine hair requires those cuts that can grant it that necessary volume, and surely layered ones are the first that come to mind. However, you need to realize that excessive layering will not only give you additional volume but will also take away what you already have.

Cuts With Bangs

We think that there is barely a lady who hasn’t experimented with a fringe at least once in the lifetime and then regretted that for the time being. Such failed bangs are usually the results of the face shape not being considered. If you are in search of something quite universal, then you need to think about side-parted bangs in the first place.

Mid-Length Cuts With Curls

The truth is that there is nothing to consider rather than the style of curls when it comes to pairing them with your mid-length cut. Curls suit any haircut or face shape and hair texture with no exception.

Medium Length Cuts For Straight Hair

There is barely any other cut that screams elegance and reserved style than a sleek straight mid-length one. It is true that if you are looking for something more playful, you should consider adding waves to the scene, but straight cuts are merely mesmerizing in their chicness and trendiness. Besides, you can incorporate such a cut into any look.

Sleek and Glossy Platinum Bob

Fine hair looks extraordinary, with light layers added to it. However, if you are looking for something other than messy layers, there is a way out. The thing is that a sleek shoulder-length bob with curtain bangs is a trendy substitution to layered cuts. To take a look to the whole new level of gorgeous, we suggest you dye your hair platinum with light lilac undertone to it.

Honey-Hued Piece-y Waves

Sometimes all that you crave is a little bounciness introduced into your look without taking it over the edge. In times like this, a layered bob spiced up with piecey waves is more than a suitable option to consider. Besides, if regular blonde is not your cup of tea and you are searching for something more natural, then honey tones are there for you.

Beach Waves Paired with Fading Roots

Gone are the days when outgrown roots are something that most fashionistas were deeply scared of. These days fading roots are chic and stylish, not to mention a great relief since you do not need to visit your hairstylist as often as you used to. Add some light beach waves to the scene, and you are ready to roll! 

Source: Glaminati