The Beginner’s Guide to Makeup Brushes: 5 Key Points to Remember

When it comes to applying makeup to your face, there are numerous products, brands, and techniques to choose from, that it can be quite overwhelming to a beginner. Fortunately, there are many tutorials and tips regarding what makeup to choose, why you should choose specific items, and various techniques and styles to help you achieve your desired look. Below is a closer look at the importance of makeup brushes and five key points to remember when using them.

Apply Foundation With A Brush, Not Your Fingers

Many people apply foundation on with their fingers. If this is you, then you need to stop doing so as soon as possible. Brands like Beauty Junkees Makeup Brushes and more, have a variety of brushes to choose from to give your foundation a flawless finish as it is being applied. The oils and bacteria from your fingers can clog pores, leading to breakouts and unhealthy skin.

Many times, using your fingers will leave your skin looking spotty and unfinished. A brush will help you get the makeup on properly, will not cause a mess, and will ensure your face looks great and even.

Achieve an Even Application

One of the most important uses of a makeup brush is that it allows you to have an even application. Using a high-quality brush will allow you to evenly apply the foundation all over your face and neck. Now, a low-quality brush or sponge may provide good coverage, but you will notice that some areas have too little or too much coverage.

With the right products and brushes, you can achieve an air-brushed look, but without the price tag associated with it. To learn how to use various brushes offered, check out various websites, and makeup tutorials. These will provide you with step-by-step instructions regarding makeup application, how to use different brushes for various applications, and more.

Have a Variety of Makeup Brushes in Your Arsenal

Makeup brushes make applying makeup quick and easy, especially for the beginner. There are many brushes to choose from, so it is important to know which ones to use in your daily makeup routine. There are over 14 different makeup brushes, but you do not have to buy all of them. Instead, determine what products you use and then buy the brushes.

For example, if you use foundation, blush, eye shadow, concealer, and bronzer, then you should probably have the appropriate brushes to assist you when applying them.

For a foundation brush, there are typically two types. One that is like a paintbrush, while the other has a flatter top. Both work well to get the foundation in an even layer around the entire face. Regarding the blush brush, it is similar to a powder brush in that it is fluffy, but it is smaller and many have a slight angle to the brush handle, for an even application across the cheekbones.

When you wear eye shadow, you will need several different types of brushes that are specifically designed for eye shadow. The brushes are much smaller and denser than brushes you can use on your face. The brushes are designed so that the application of eye shadow is precise.

Concealer is used after you apply foundation so that you can conceal imperfections found on your face, as well as brightening up dull areas. A concealer brush is very similar to a foundation brush, but it is much smaller. It holds the shape of a paintbrush and it is a bit denser. Concealer is great to use on acne, under the eye circles, dark spots, and anything else.

A bronzer brush is a great tool to give your skin a sun-kissed and glowy look. Bronzer brushes are similar to a powder or blush brush, but it is much wider and fluffier than both of them. This is because bronzer needs to be spread evenly on the skin for it to look natural.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Often

An unwashed makeup brush attracts bacteria which can clog your pores and leave your skin looking very dull. Cleaning your brushes once a week is preferred, but if you cannot do it that often, then once a month is a must. Below are a few reasons why it is important to cleanse your brushes.

It is normal for brushes to accumulate bacteria over time. However, the more often you cleanse them, the fewer bacteria will be on your brush getting spread onto your skin. Besides bacteria, brushes trap in dead skin cells and oil. Finally, clean brushes apply makeup better and evenly because the clean bristles ensure a smoother application.

For a deep clean, mix water and a couple of drops of unscented castile soap for an easy way to shampoo the brushes. Let the brushes dry flat and never leave them soaking in water. To disinfect brushes daily, combine four ounces of witch hazel extract and 12 drops of grapefruit oil. Spray this mixture onto the brushes and wipe them clean with a paper towel or cloth.

Makeup Brushes Last Longer Than Sponges

Many people opt for makeup sponges over brushes because they are more affordable. However, sponges don’t last long, get dirty fast, and are prone to tearing. Better quality brushes will be used for many years to come, especially if you take great care of them. Investing in a better brush will save you a lot of money in the future.

You can easily do an online search to determine which brushes work best with your technique and budget. Check out a makeup counter and talk to a professional to learn about the different brands of brushes and which one may work best for you.

Women typically wear makeup to accentuate their facial features or to improve their look for a night out or an event. When you go through the time makeup application requires, make sure you have the best tools and products you need to get the job done well and effectively. Having the right makeup brushes will make all the difference in the world.

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