The Best Ways to Relieve a Headache

Regular headaches are something that many of us struggle with, often in times of stress or anxiety. Generally, we pop a few painkillers and get on with our day without worrying. But this doesn’t always work. Sometimes, headaches just don’t clear up on their own, or they keep returning. Some headaches are too painful to carry on your day normally, and some are completely debilitating.

If you are getting frequent headaches, don’t just put up with them, or feel as though you have to rely on painkillers. Try some of these methods instead.

Get Your Eyes Tested

Changes to your eyesight can be a sign of other health conditions, which headaches can also be a symptom of. Headaches can also be caused by changes to eyesight itself, even if the change is relatively minor. This is why your annual eye exams are so important. Even if you’ve had your eyes tested recently, and there have been no obvious changes, if you’ve been getting headaches with no clear cause, an eye test might be a good idea.

Drink More Water

Dehydration is another common cause of headaches. Try to drink more water throughout the day by carrying a bottle with you to sip and by having water with meals. Avoid too much caffeine and alcohol to reduce the risks of dehydration further.

Improve Your Posture

Poor posture can cause back and neck pain, put pressure on the base of your head and cause tension in your shoulders. If your headaches seem to stem from your neck, your posture may be a cause. Even if your headaches have another cause, you may find improving your posture helpful.

Reduce Tension

Tension can manifest in your neck and shoulders, causing tightness and pain. It can also make it hard to sleep and lead to feelings of anxiety, which can cause headaches. Practice yoga and meditation and get into the habit of being open and talking to people about your worries to reduce the tension that you carry in your body.

Use Heat or Cool Packs

Whatever the cause of your headache, you might find that either cold or hot packs can reduce symptoms, help you to sleep, and make life with a headache more manageable. Try soaking a facecloth in cool water and lying with it on your forehead with your eyes closed. If this doesn’t feel comfortable, try a warm cloth or pack for comfort.

Change Your Hairstyle

It sounds silly but too tight a ponytail can pull your hair and put excess pressure on your scalp. Tight hairbands and heavy accessories can also start to hurt over time. If you have a headache, loosen your hair to relieve tension, and if you notice that you only get headaches when you wear your hair a certain way, consider a change.

Look at Your Diet

If you get headaches often, start keeping a diary and try to spot patterns. You might find that certain foods or ingredients trigger pain.

Of course, if these tips don’t help, and your headaches are severe, you should head to your doctors for a check-up and further advice.

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