The Most Original Makeup Color Schemes

Do you find yourself sticking to the same shades of makeup every day? Are you looking to change things up a bit with a new, stunning color scheme?

This short guide will take you through ten beautiful color combinations, from classic golds to bold green and pink. There are endless possibilities for the looks you can create, so don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with color to make something uniquely ‘you’.

Don’t forget to pair your stunning eye and lip colors with a foundation that matches your skin tone. You can learn how to find the right foundation shade here.

1. Gold & Wine

You probably won’t want to pair a dramatic lip with similarly bold eyes. So, if you are keen to try out a shockingly dark lipstick, why not pair it with some classic golden eyeshadow?

Or, if you want to create a really sultry look, try using both shades on your eyes. You can play around with the colors in any way you wish – with gold under and around the inner corner of your eye and the bolder red on your lid, or with gold on the inner lid blending out towards the darker hue.

2. Baby Pink & Millennial Pink

Millennial pink is a hugely popular shade amongst makeup artists this year. So, if you are looking for a stylish way to embrace this trend, it works really well paired with baby pink.

However, there’s really no wrong way to embrace the millennial pink trend. You could even match it to beautiful pale pink hair or treat yourself to some new pink makeup brushes.

3. Gold & Bronze

Gold and bronze are a classic combination. It’s a great way to start playing around with combining colors if you aren’t looking for something too bold or daring. It’s easier to make your makeup look good with different shades of the same or similar colors than going for something more contrasting.

To get this look, you could apply a layer of a bronze-toned eyeshadow over your eyelid before finishing with a touch of gold as a highlight in the middle to really make your eyes pop.

4. Peach & Coral

Peach eyeshadow works well with any skin tone, so why not make it a staple in your makeup bag? If you are looking for a simple yet stunning look, try pairing it with a bright coral lip.

Peach and coral are the perfect hues for a subtle yet gorgeous summery look – these are the colors you’ll want to take on your summer holidays!

5. Pink, Orange & Yellow

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, combining bold shades such as pink and yellow is a great option. These hues work particularly well in a sunset eyeshadow look.

To get this look, start by adding the lightest shade (the yellow) across your eyelids first. Then, blend in some orange over the outer two-thirds of your lids. Finally, add your boldest pink on the outer third, and blend well for a beautiful gradient effect. To finish off the look, try highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and under your eyebrows with a shimmery white.

6. Green & Pink

You might think that green and pink will clash, but they make the perfect combination for those looking to create a bold style. Teaming a pastel green eye with a natural pale pink lipstick is the perfect balance. A sea-foam or mint green eyeliner is the ideal way to try this look for the first time.

7. Pink & Purple

Pink and purple are the perfect shades for creating a stunningly dramatic look. Why not try using various shades of purple for a smokey, shimmery eye? You could even add a touch of silver to highlight the inner corners of your eyes to really make this look stand out.

Try pairing purple eyes with pink lips. You could go for a paler hue or something really bright and bold – don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun!

8. Silver & Black

This is the classic color scheme for a smokey eye and can be made as dramatic as you like. You’ll need two different shades – a black and a lighter silver. Apply the lighter shade to the inner corners of your eyes and the darker towards the outside, blending the two seamlessly to create a stunning smokey gradient.

These colors work well with almost any skin tone. As with most dramatic eye looks, this one works best with a nude lip. Leave your lips more natural and instead let your eyes be the focal point of this look.

9. Green & Brown

If you have brown eyes, this is a color combo you can’t go wrong with. Brown and green eyeshadows work exceptionally well together. They will allow you to blend and combine colors without doing anything too dramatic – perfect for those who are just starting out or looking to change things up a bit.

To get this look, try adding some brown shadow to the upper lid and a dark green shade along the lower lash line. If you want something more dramatic, why not try playing around with brighter shades of green? Try applying some bold green shadow across the lids, with some brown on the outer third and just under the eyebrows. You could even work some gold into this look to really make your eyes pop.

10. Beige & Burnt Orange

Our final stunning color combination is a classic beige with burnt orange. This look can be tailored to suit any skin tone by combining it with a nude lip. These autumnal tones are ideal for any occasion and can be made as understated or dramatic as you wish.

Try using these shades to create a smokey eye look, adding a touch of shimmer if you want to add a little something extra.