Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

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You’ve found the perfect flower girl dress, but you had no idea there were so many options. You’re now finding yourself overwhelmed by all of your choices and are second-guessing if you have made the right purchase.

Don’t worry! There is a lot that goes into selecting the perfect dress for your little girls. Once you figure out what you are looking for, it will be a lot easier to pick the right style.

Things to Keep in Mind

Flower girl dresses are available in various styles. You should consider picking a dress that matches the style of your bridal gown if at all possible. If you must purchase a dress for your flower girl that is totally different from your dress, still try to pick a style that complements your own. You’ll want to shop at a store that has a versatile collection of flower girl dresses that you can pick and choose from. Sometimes a limited selection can make the process a lot harder.

Flower girl dresses should not be overly puffy or fluffy and they should come down at least to her ankles. If you’re having your wedding outdoors, you may want to choose a dress length that keeps the girl’s legs covered in case it gets windy. Flower girls should also have shoes that go with their dresses and these should be low-heeled if they need to walk a lot or run.

The following are helpful tips on how to dress up your flower girls:

Flower Girl Dress Colors

If you can’t find a flower girl dress in the color that you’d like, try going with white or ivory and then having your little girl wear a colored sash, which can be purchased from any fabric store. You may also consider using different colored satin bows instead of sashes to go around girls’ waists.

Flower Girl Sashes

The sashes in flower girl dresses should be tied into a bow at the back of the dress. This gives her something to play with during the ceremony and keeps it out of her way when she’s actually carrying flower petals. If you’re planning to have girls carry baskets of flowers, bows around their waists will work fine because they’ll still be able to hold on to the baskets.

She will probably remove whatever sash you have her wear during the ceremony, but it will be handy for her throughout. Picking a dress with a sash allows your flower girl to use what she wears as a purse or even a blanket and pillow later on when she’s tired from standing around all day and just wants to take a nap.

Purchase the Dress Early

We all know kids can be picky. If you already have a flower girl, consider buying the dress in advance and having it delivered so she has time to get used to wearing it around the house before the wedding. Having gotten used to this particular dress will also make it easier for the bride and mother of the bride to choose a dress for her that she’ll actually like!

Flower Girl Baskets and Other Accessories

Baskets of flower petals are traditional, but in some cultures, the flower girl holds onto anything else the bride has ready for her. If you’re having your wedding on an island or at any other location where baskets might be impractical, think about things like lace-trimmed gloves for the girls to wear during the ceremony or sashes which they can use as purses later on.

Consider the Weather

If you’re planning a winter wedding and you’ll have your flower girl wear her dress indoors, consider getting a pair of long white dance shoes in addition to whatever heels she’ll be wearing to walk down the aisle. This is especially important if she’ll need to keep her feet warm when sitting in a pew before or during the ceremony. If the party is indoors and she’s likely to get hot later on, make sure she has something light enough for summer weather such as a skirt with a tank top or sleeveless dress.

If your flower girl will be wearing a special dress in addition to whatever outfit she wears all day long, make sure it fits tightly enough that she won’t trip over it. It’s also a good idea for you or whoever will be responsible for getting her dressed to keep some safety pins handy. You want your flower girl to feel comfortable and be happy in her beautiful dress. Have her be a part of the choosing process to make the moment extra special.

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