Three Ways To Style Dagger Earrings

It’s time you add another bold look to your wardrobe. You have the confidence mastered and you are ready to up your game even more. Or you are just starting out in the game and you want something that grabs attention and shows people you aren’t one to mess with. Dagger earrings are at the top of the list representing strength and style. Why conform to what everyone else thinks is the right thing to wear? You get to decide how unique you want to make your style. If you dare to be bold with dagger earrings, you get to show the world who is in charge of your life and your look. Dagger earrings are the ideal piece to complete an outfit. So how do you style them? You can style them however you would like. However, maybe some ways to style them might help get your creative juices flowing for your own look.

Wear It Solo

Dagger earrings hang on a hoop so that your dagger hangs below the earlobe. Dagger earrings are very popular because they are bigger than stud earrings, but they don’t come off as overly large earrings that take up too much space. Dagger earrings are a perfect balance of personality and style. The fluid movement of the dagger earrings offers more than other types of earrings. They can easily grab the attention as you move your head or your body whereas stud earrings do not move with your body. You can wear a dagger earring solo and let it speak for itself. Some people prefer to wear it with nothing else so it stands out instead of blending in with other pieces. Wearing one dagger earring on one ear is a master look that asks for nothing but respect.

Add Another Earring

If you feel like just one dagger earring isn’t enough, adding another earring next to it can amplify your look. If you want your dagger earring to be the star of the show, then try picking an earring that isn’t going to steal the thunder. You can do another dangling earring, but pick one that is smaller. An example of this would be a wing. If you want something a little smaller, try a small hoop or a simple stud next to it. If you don’t have two earring holes on one earlobe, try adding a hoop or a stud to the other ear. This will give a complete look but offset the balance a little bit to give more attention to the dagger earring.

Wear With a Hat

Adding something that isn’t another earring can also elevate your look. You can wear a dagger earring with a black ball cap or a beanie. If you are wearing a beanie, keeping your ears exposed is important so you don’t hide your dagger earring. If you have longer hair, putting your hair in a ponytail or bun can help expose your dagger earring to the world and keep it from getting caught in your hair. Wearing a hat can help keep your hair out of the way so you can show off your dagger earring.

Wear With a T-shirt

The most simple thing you can wear with your dagger earring is a basic black or white tee. Your t-shirt won’t take away from the glory of your dagger earring, and it can take your everyday wear to the next level. You can also wear a button-down over the top of your tee if you are going out. Some other pieces that can compliment your earring are some neck chains, bracelets, and rings.

How To Clean My Earrings

It’s important that you keep your earrings clean.They can get layered in dirt and oil, leaving a film on your earrings that is unpleasant. Cleaning your earrings regularly can help avoid infection and also keep them looking at their best. If you have gold earrings, use warm water and dish soap. Then, mix up the solution and use a toothbrush to scrub your earrings. If you have silver earrings, pour a good amount of baking soda into a boil with boiling water. Next, mix together the ingredients to get a thick consistency. Then, use a toothbrush to scrub the earrings until they are clean. Lastly, rinse the earrings and dry them off with a microfiber towel. Buying higher quality earrings that are heat, sweat, and water resistant will help your earrings last longer and keep their original shine. Once your earrings become discolored or tarnished, it’s almost impossible to restore them to their original state. Buying higher quality will allow you to keep wearing your favorite dagger earrings for a long time.

Unmatched Style

Dagger earrings are the perfect way to give off the bold look you are going for. You can wear them solo, or you can add other earrings to help bring out the dagger earrings in your outfit. You can also add a hat to put the focus on your ears and to keep your hair from covering up your earrings. Rocking a basic tee with your dagger earrings can take your casual look to a confident look. Simply add a dagger earring to any style you choose. You are in charge!