Top 5 Makeup Ideas for Self-Portrait

If you’ve ever thought of taking your own self-portrait – and we’re not talking about a plain old selfie, you need to consider what look you want. A self-portrait is one of your most important photos. For many, it will be your first impression and the photo that defines you. 

Writers take self-portraits to put on the back of their books, models and influencers take them for their portfolios, and even the average person might need it once in a while. 

If you need your self-portrait to be on the creative side, the right makeup can make a huge difference. Keep reading for some self-portrait make-up ideas that are worth a try! 

1. Use Bold Colors 

Cameras have a way of making things look decolored. This is why a bold lip color is essential, and you can pair it with a bright eye shadow. You can even mix it up a bit by wearing colored lenses, but make sure to choose the best color for you – or you can use one of the apps for changing eye color that are available online and try on different colors in-app. This way, you won’t have to take photos again and again with different lenses, and you still get the right colors. 

You can play with bold colors with creative makeup art, and even use your face as a canvas for interesting looks. Keep in mind though, the center of the self-portrait needs to be you, so any makeup look you do should reflect who you are inside! 

2. Use Translucent Powder 

Natural light is the best for any kind of photography, but standing out in the sun can make you pretty sweaty. If you want to take great self-portraits, use some translucent powder in between takes to counter the sweat. 

It’s even effective in making oily skin look matte, and keeps your makeup in place until you reapply it. 

3. Keep it Natural! 

Unless you’re deliberately going for a more “made-up” look, don’t use too much foundation to make your skin look flawless or perfect. In fact, many of the best professional makeup artists use make-up to accentuate a model’s natural features and skin textures instead of hiding them. 

Take a page from their book and use a professional foundation. It won’t cover all of your pores, but it’ll smoothen everything out and give you a good finish. 

4. Use a Reflector 

On the same note, avoid covering your dark circles with too much foundation. They’re a natural part of your face, and you can use a reflector to give your face and eyes a beautiful glow instead. It can only work if you use it from the right angle, but the results are great! 

Many reflectors come in different colors to give your photos a specific effect, like gold and silver, and they’re pretty cheap! 

5. Avoid Shimmery Makeup 

When going your makeup for the portrait, avoid any shimmery makeup or shiny lip gloss. The glitter in lots of shimmery makeup can make your features look fuzzy and out of focus, which isn’t a good thing. Make sure to blend your blush properly to avoid any sharp lines showing up in your photo. 

The same principle somewhat applies to lip gloss. Too much of it can make white areas appear around your lips, and while they may be great for close-ups, they can make your lips look deshaped from afar. Use bold, matte colors, and if you have thin lips, you can use lip liner to highlight their shape. 

You won’t be able to take the perfect photo right off the bat, and the best strategy with any photo is to keep trying. Put a timer on your phone, or set it to take photos at regular intervals. Then use a tripod to put keep it at eye level, and pose away! 

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