What are the Qualities of a Good Swimming Suit?

If you’re a regular swimmer, you know the importance of a good suit. It’s what’s keeping your body from being torn apart by chlorine and saltwater. Besides, it has to feel good on the skin and make you look good enough that you won’t be embarrassed to walk around in a wet t-shirt. A good suit will also be durable enough to last for at least a couple of summers and, most importantly, withstand the rough treatment of being tossed into the washing machine. It should have the right amount of stretch to move with your body as you swim, but not so much that it loses its shape over time. 

Below we’ve discussed the features of a good swimming suit.


When it comes to swimsuits, the fit is the most important thing. A swimsuit should be tight but not constricting. It should also be breathable. You don’t want to get that nasty rash on your chest from an ill-fitting bikini top. For a suit to be comfortable and form-fitting, it shouldn’t have too much extra material around the waistline or shoulder straps that can dig into your skin. 

The last thing you want is a loose suit that doesn’t provide adequate coverage while swimming laps at the pool. When it comes down to it, an ideal fitting suit will be easy-to-move-in and tight enough so that water doesn’t slip through when doing quick movements in the water, such as jumping off diving boards or swimming underwater.


You want a suit that won’t fall apart after one swim session. Chlorine is a harsh substance and can eat away at the fibers in your suit, causing it to lose its shape or even disintegrate altogether. Chlorine is everywhere, and we’re constantly exposed to it. So definitely don’t skimp on quality. Check here to find quality swimming suits.

A good swimming suit should be able to withstand sunlight and frequent use without losing its shape or color. A cheap suit will wear out quickly in these areas, especially if you’re tanning. But if you buy something high-quality, you should be fine for years on end.

Good fits, good materials.

A good swimming suit fits you well and makes you comfortable. Materials should be of high quality so that the suit lasts for a long time, saving you money in the long run.

Fabric with UV protection

Swimsuits are not just for use in the water. You wear them around the pool as well. It is not uncommon for your swimsuit to hang on a chair or the back of a toilet seat when you’re not actually wearing it. This can leave your suit exposed to sunlight, which can fade or even ruin your suit. To protect from this, look for swimsuits made with materials like polyester or nylon that have UV protection built into them. Those fabrics won’t fade from exposure to the sun, so you’ll have a long-lasting swimsuit that you won’t have to replace every year.

Good sizing

Like most clothing, the swimwear comes in a variety of sizes. When shopping for a swimming suit, you may wonder whether to size up or down from your regular size to get the best fit for your body type. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer; it depends on where you’re looking to buy the suit. If you can try on the suit before purchasing, it’s important to examine how the fit feels. If there’s too much room in the cups, it could affect your ability to move freely in the water. If there’s too much room around your waist, you may have trouble with buoyancy control.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to swimwear, comfort is key. A good swimming suit should fit well, be comfortable, and be made from quality material that can endure the wear and tear of frequent use and multiple washings. Also go for a good fit. One that accentuates your style while also making you feel secure and flatter your figure.

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