What is the difference between Psychic Reading and Psychic Medium Reading?

Psychic reading and psychic reading are different practices in the psychic field, although people often use them interchangeably. A psychic reading aims to provide guidance and insight into a person’s life, while a psychic medium reading focuses on connecting with departed loved ones.

To find the right psychic service and ask the appropriate questions, it is important to understand the differences in advance. Knowing these differences will allow you to make an informed decision. Nebula, with its wide range of psychic readers and mediums, as well as free psychic chat, is a great option to consider.

However, it is critical to recognize the importance of understanding the differences between these two approaches. This understanding is useful because it allows you to formulate deeper questions, which greatly helps you plan your life effectively. So let’s now delve into the significant differences between these practices.

Psychic Reading vs Psychic Medium Reading: main terms and differences 

A psychic reading aims to offer people guidance and clarity in various aspects of their lives, such as personal growth, health, finances, career, and relationships. Psychic readers use their intuition to understand a person’s past, present and future. They offer advice to help people make informed decisions and overcome challenges.

Psychic readings are intended to create connections between the living and the spirit world, especially those who have died and were loved. Psychic mediums serve as conduits between the living and the dead, relaying messages and providing comfort, support, or emotional recovery to those who are grieving. Essentially, the purpose of a psychic reading is to bring comfort and assistance to the person, rather than to provide advice on personal matters.

The Difference is in the Choice of Approaches that are Used when Conducting Psychic Reading and Psychic Medium Reading

Although both practices use similar methods, their goals differ. Here’s some information on how these methods differ depending on the practice you choose. For example:


Clairsentience is a supernatural gift that allows one to accurately sense and understand the emotions, sensations, or energy associated with a specific situation.

Clairsentient psychics can get insights into a person’s relationships, career way, or personal challenges by observing these subtle changes. They offer assistance to their clients during difficult periods by understanding and supporting them, offering guidance and motivation.

On the other hand, clairsentient mediums are able to sense or perceive emotions and physical sensations when they communicate with spirits.


Psychic readers who use clairvoyance have the ability to perceive images, symbols, or circumstances that reveal unrevealed details of the client’s life. Using their ability to foresee future events, observe current situations, and refer to the past, they can offer education and guidance to their clients.

However, psychic mediums have the ability to perceive spirits and receive visual knowledge from the afterlife through this method. This means that they use this ability to establish a connection with the spirit world and provide help to people who are mourning a loss.

Tarot card interpretation

Real psychics presented on https://asknebula.com/psychic-near-me have the ability to use various tools to help them, which sets them apart from psychic mediums. For example, some real psychics specialize in tarot card reading and rely on their intuition to interpret the hidden meanings conveyed through the symbols on the cards.

Tarot card readers have the ability to interpret the symbols and meaning of each card, which can provide valuable information about a person’s past, current situation, and potential future. With this skill, these readers are able to offer their clients helpful recommendations to help them solve problems and improve their decision-making abilities.


Once more, in contrast to psychic mediums, numerologists who possess psychic abilities employ numbers, specifically a person’s birth date and name, as tools to assess their character and potential.The same free psychic reading by date of birth and time allows you to look into your future, but this is only possible with a skilled specialist.

Numerologists study these number sequences to reveal a person’s inherent abilities, weaknesses, and opportunities for personal development. By getting a deeper understanding of their own characteristics, people can improve their decision-making skills and navigate life with confidence.

A key factor in psychic readings is the medium’s ability to communicate with the afterlife. They may use other methods as well. For example, channeling involves the psychic medium acting as a means for the spirit to convey its message to humanity.

In very rare cases, psychic mediums can provide evidence of their connection to the afterlife by demonstrating physical manifestations such as moving objects and creating sounds.


Although it appears that online psychic reading and psychic medium reading may refer to the same concept, this is not the case. There are slight differences, especially regarding the goals and methodologies used in these readings. Therefore, it is important to consult online psychic reviews to choose the best online psychic that will provide maximum satisfaction.