What to look for a hair salon?

Choosing the right hair salon is not the work of a moment! Whether you’re a woman or a man you want a salon that fits your requirements, and one that you can trust with your hair. We’ve put together a few factors you should consider when you are looking for the right hair salon – that is one that you will be loyal to because they provide you with the service you expect. Let’s get started!

What Services do they Offer?

Different salons will usually offer a similar range of services, but some may go that little bit further. If you want an example of a typical and popular Hair Salon – Savile Row Salon is a good example in Winnipeg offering the usual range of services, including the following:

  • Hair styling for both women and men
  • Full colouring options
  • Hair extension solutions
  • Cut, blow-dry and style
  • Retouching and highlights

The above are likely to be offered by every salon you check out, so make sure you find one that has all of these. Now we need to think about the salon itself – the actual physical building and what it feels like.

Does the Salon have a Good Atmosphere?

Like every service provider there will hair salons where you feel good and others where you don’t. The atmosphere and general ambience of a good hair salon should combine the following: a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, a professional approach and a friendly and welcoming feel. This is the aspect that will appeal to you personally just as you enjoy a particular bar, for example.

If you walk into a messy, noisy and stressed salon you need to walk away. Relaxation is important when you are having your hair done as it’s something you want to enjoy. You’ll know the right place when you walk in.

What Experience do the Stylists Have?

Don’t be afraid to ask to see the stylist’s qualifications. From this you can then request the individual of your choice. A good salon will expect this and be more than happy to tell you where the stylists studied, under whom and how experienced they are. There may also be specialists in colouring or extensions, for example, and those who specialise in other areas of hair care. Also find out if they are up to speed with current hair styling trends as a good, dedicated and professional stylist will be on the ball with the latest looks.

What Products do they Use?

Ask about the brand and type of hair products that salon uses. Most will have a link with one brand and will have a good reason why. A salon manager will have researched the different hair product brands available with respect to natural ingredients, effectiveness and reputation, and they’ll be happy to tell you why they made that choice. If you have a particular liking for a certain brand, you should find the salon advertises what they use on their website so you can make a shortlist of the relevant salons.

Do You Like the Stylists?

Our final point is an important one. You want to build a relationship with your stylist so that they know and understand what you require, and as you’re going to visit them often you need to like them! You can’t work with a stylist you don’t get on with, so ensure you choose carefully and find one whose company you enjoy. Check out hair salons in Winnipeg using our advice and you’ll soon find one that fits the bill so you can enjoy stylish and trendy hair from now on.

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