What Women Like the Most in a Hybrid Manicure

Hybrid manicure has become one of the most popular and beloved ways to take good care of your hands and nails. As the condition of your nails can really contribute to the first impression you will make, these days, every woman wants to shine with their perfect, colourful hands. In terms of the benefits of different types of manicure, hybrid manicure seems to be currently in the lead with the ladies. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about what women like the most in a hybrid manicure.

Long-Lasting Effect 

One of the advantages of hybrid manicure is its long-lasting effect. Painting nails with traditional nail polish requires refreshing/reapplying once a week, while hybrid manicure can last up to 21 days. Its increased durability makes the manicure more functional, as you can save a considerable amount of time and almost every time there is no need for touch-ups in between manicure sessions. Three weeks of perfect-looking hands is most certainly worth it.

The Accessibility of Hybrid Manicure Professionals

Another great benefit of hybrid manicure is the accessibility of beauticians specializing in this particular type of manicure. These days, you can find for sure at least a couple of manicure experts in your local area. The number of professionals available at your disposal has also an effect on the price of this service. Because it is so popular, it becomes more and more affordable.

How to spot a pro among so many beauticians? She or he will be prepared and have equipment of the highest quality, like nail files and buffers, nail polish, a quality UV lamp, and a history of a number of different trainings courses completed, not to mention great communication skills.

It Protects Your Nails From Mechanical Damages

The technology behind hybrid manicure, so the fact that it combines the benefits of traditional nail polish and gel manicure, is the guarantee that your nails are protected against any mechanical damages. You can work, take long showers, and wash the dishes without the fear of your nail polish getting chipped or damaged in any way. Hybrid nail polish is chemically a lot stronger than traditional nail polish, so it protects your nails at all times.

Wide Range of Colours and Patterns 

Hybrid manicure is also popular because of the many colours of nail polish available on the market, and the magnitude of patterns you can choose from. When it comes to hybrid nail polish you can change its style every time you do it, and there is no chance you will run out of colours or patterns to try out. You can go for example for metallic or mate colours, dots, strips, geometrical patterns, the possibilities are endless, and even more are in the works.

Quick Drying Properties and the Perfect Gloss Finish

You can recognize the hybrid manicure by its perfect gloss finish, which is yet another reason why women love it so much. It immediately catches people’s attention and is a very aesthetically-pleasing detail.

Lastly, let’s not forget about the quick drying properties of hybrid nail polish. The whole manicure usually takes less than an hour, during which around 3-4 coats of nail polish are being applied. It is a time-efficient way to paint your nails and enhance quickly the beauty of your hands. You can also try nail polish wraps, there’s no dry time and doesn’t make a mess.

Final Thoughts

There are many advantages of choosing the hybrid manicure, from fantastic glossy finish to its durability, which is why so many women love it. It protects the nails, looks absolutely beautiful, and it is fairly affordable, what else can you expect from a great manicure?