When is the Best Time To Use a Face Mask?

Face masks are a revelation! When your skin feels dull and lifeless, put on a face mask and sit patiently for 15-20 minutes. Face masks help in removing dirt and oil from your skin. Some face masks even leave your skin feeling soft and bright.

Instead of stepping out for a facial treatment, you can sit at home, watch television while the face mask does its work. The best part is that face masks are meant for everyone – men and women.

The question is – How often should I do a face mask? We’re here to answer the query!

Here’s an article that sheds light on the best time to use a face mask. Keep reading to find out!

Why Face Masks Are Relevant in Today’s World? 

There are different types of face masks available in the market. Each of them takes care of a specific kind of skin concern.

You can’t buy a face mask blindly. If your skin has acne, you will choose a facial mask that has helpful ingredients such as lemon and activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is great for removing dirt from the face. If you have dry skin, you would need something that leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft.

Facial masks do the following things to your skin:

1. They unclog the pores so that your skin can breathe easily.

2. They remove all the dirt from your skin.

3. Facial masks help in cleansing your skin. Regular face washes are not able to do that.

4. Your skin starts to glow. If there is any tanning or darkness due to the sun, the facial mask will help your skin glow.

5. You feel fresh and relaxed. It’s quite therapeutic to sit with a face mask for 20 minutes. Play some spa music in the background and close your eyes. You will enjoy the feeling.

When should you apply a face mask? 

Many people are in a dilemma as to when they should apply a facial mask.

It depends on what your goal is. You can apply a facial mask in the following scenarios:

1. When your skin feels dull, apply a facial mask.

2. You need a deep skin cleansing session. Your skin is feeling dirty, and the regular face wash is not able to remove the dirt. Use a face mask that pulls out all the dirt and makes your skin feel fresh.

3. If you are tired and want to relax for a bit, apply a face mask and close your eyes. Let it stay for 20-30 minutes and listen to soulful music during the process.

4. In case your skin is dry, you would need some hydration. There are face masks that are meant for hydrating your skin.

5. If your skin has lost moisture, you would need a good facial mask to nourish it. You can apply this mask before putting on makeup.

6. If you apply too much makeup, your skin would need a proper care routine. Apply a facial mask and sit for a couple of minutes. You can cleanse your skin using a facial mask.

7. Do you need a pre-bridal glow? Most brides apply a facial mask to get the glow before the big day arrives.

Concluding Thoughts 

As to how often you should apply a facial mask – it depends on your skin condition. Some people do it once a week, and others like to use it twice a month.

If your skin has lost hydration and feels dull, you might want to apply it whenever your heart desires.

Use the facial mask during the afternoon as that’s the best time of the day. But, don’t use any products after you have applied them. The glow will come the very next day.

Well, now you are aware of when and why you should apply a face mask. All you need to do is invest in the right product!