White French Manicure with a Design: An All-time Classic

French manicure is always in as it’s the most common nail design suitable for any style. A white French manicure with a design is a new interpretation of the classic version, which will freshen up the design and bring out the beauty of your fingers.

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Trendy Ideas of White French Manicure with Pictures

White toenails with French design adorned with pictures look luxurious on long, medium, and short nails of any shape. Interesting ideas can make the most usual design look trendy within minutes.

  • Angled. It’s an unconventional design option to draw a ‘smile’ line in French manicure. In this case, the lunula becomes oblique, and the nails acquire clear contours.
  • Double. An unusual design is created with the help of an additional line painted under the usual ‘smile’ line. You can use different colors of nail polishes to create a prominent contrast. A white French manicure is a delicate and elegant design.
  • Net French nail art. This pattern is better off on long nails. To create such a design, you need to draw a net pattern in a chaotic or symmetrical order in place of the usual ‘smile’.
  • Asymmetry. Oblique lines are drawn on different sides of the white base.
  • Wavy design. The traditional straight line of the ‘smile’ is designed as wavy or in the form of teeth.

White French Manicure with Pictures: Popular Nail Art Designs

A design with painted elements allows you to express your individuality, implement all bold nail design ideas, make old dreams come true, create a special image — strict business, glamorous or romantic.

Floral patterns

Greenery patterns and prints with flowers, which can be applied in the middle of the nail plate, can become a bright accent or a continuation of the ‘smile’ and can make up a perfect combination with a classic white French manicure. Flowers of different colors from calm to violent shades always look great. Large petals, small flowers, branches, and leaves are beautiful floral decorative elements.


A white French manicure in the form of bows brings out special elegance, lightness, and grace of the image. Bows can be of different colors — silver, golden, bright, and dark. Bows can embellish all nails or modestly accentuate the ring nails with little fingers, applied in the middle of the plate or drawn in the side along the ‘smile’ line.

Lace Patterns

The combination of a classic white French nail art with lace patterns looks exquisite and demonstrates your delicate taste. This design is a great solution for a prom or wedding ceremony. Lace patterns on beige nails beautifully frame the edges of the nail plates or cover the whole surface of the nails. They can form a complex pattern or simple ornate lines.

This nail art goes well with business and fashionable outfits, suitable for everyday life, helps to look stylish at any party. A white French manicure with design allows you to diversify the familiar classics, complement the design with original details and add bright colors.