Why A Crew Cut Is A Perfect Choice For Men With Busy Lives

If you are looking for a haircut that would marry practicality with a stylish appearance, then a crew cut is your go-to option. It is sort, tidy and daring. Thus, it perfectly suits any ambiance and situation, be it a casual weekend with friends or a formal dinner with business partners. To get the fullest insight and nail the look without effort, follow our expert guide.

A Crew Cut: What Is It?


Not to confuse a crew cut with any other men’s haircut, we would like to give you a little heads up on the matter. A typical crew cut suggests getting the top trimmed short so that the hair remains upright. As it decreases in length toward the crown, it creates a short pompadour in front. The sides are usually tapered or faded to give the look high contrast and definition. If you want to examine this classy cut more thoroughly, check out our LoveHairstyles website for the full crew cut guide. As for now, we are going to introduce you to the most popular crew cuts. But before that,

Who Is A Crew Cut For?

One of the best things about this cut is that it flatters almost anyone no matter your face shape or hair type. Though, men with an oblong face shape might want to choose something else, as a crew cut visually elongates it. As for the rest, it is still important that the crew cut style be suitable for your very face shape. When it comes to hair type and structure, there are almost no restrictions. Both straight and curly hair works well for a crew cut. Yet, follicly challenged gents might find it a bit difficult to pull off.

How To Style It?

Another benefit of a crew cut that should not be overlooked is that it does not require much maintenance. If you have naturally thick locks that remain upright without any styling, you can skip this step. Though, if you are unhappy with the way your hair looks after you wake up, then it makes sense to shape it up a little using a tad of hair pomade or wax with strong hold. This will give your cut the desired height and texture. However, make sure to visit a barber from your trusted best San Diego barber shop every two weeks, as this haircut requires regular upkeep.

The Most Popular Crew Cut Styles

Now that you know the main facts about the cut, it is time to take a look at its most popular variations.

A Classic Crew Cut

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Apparently, you can never go wrong with a classic crew cut. While being short and minimalistic, it comes out looking bold and dapper. As it provides you with an elegant and sophisticated appearance, it is a perfect option for businessmen to flaunt to the office.

A Short Crew Cut

Despite being already pretty short, a crew cut allows for an even shorter length. It will also look stylish while being practical, yet it delivers more impact and edge. This style will certainly save you several minutes of sleep in the morning, as there is no need to style it.

A Long Crew Cut

Yet, those who like their hair to be longer than one inch can also opt for a crew cut. A long take on this hair look appears more relaxed and carefree, as the top is usually styled a bit messy and tousled. Yet, do not go for overly long hair on top. Once it starts to fall flat, it is no longer a crew cut.


A Textured Crew Cut

The majority of modern men’s haircuts lean toward a textured finish and a crew cut is no different. When cut textured, it gains a breezy and effortless feel, which is in great demand in the contemporary world. You can additionally employ a texturizing spray to accentuate your textured haircut even more.

A Curly Crew Cut

Those gents who are born with naturally wavy or curly locks can consider themselves particularly lucky. As their hair is already quite defined, there is no need to resort to a textured cut. Why a crew cut will be extremely beneficial for them is because it allows them to tame those unruly locks while looking chic.

All things considered, a crew cut is a highly popular men’s haircut for good reason. It offers a sharp and high contrast look with minimum effort. Even though it may be not for everyone, most men will surely benefit from it greatly.

Source: LoveHairstyles