Why Cherry Nails are In this Season

It’s springtime again! Pastels abound, temperatures are warming up, trends are changing and new styles are entering the scene. You may know about the fun flowy dresses and sandals that accompany the spring, even the lighter, brighter makeup trends, but have you taken a moment to consider what nail colors and styles will be in this season?

If you didn’t know, let’s get you caught up to speed. The hottest nail trend this season: cherry nails. You can take this style a few different directions, but here’s a few of them and why they’re hot this season.

Why Cherry is In

Cherry red has been a staple, classic nail color since forever. It’s as American as cherry pie. It’s a straightforward, simple, bright nail color that looks good on all skin tones and with many, many outfits. It’s old school, and it’s stuck around throughout all these years for a reason.

This classic color (and fruit) is in style this spring for a few different reasons, a big one being the rough past year we’ve had. In this time when it seems like we’ve been in dark and uncertain territory, a bright cherry red nail can feel like a way to ground you back into reality, and remind you to enjoy the simple beauties in life.

The Power of Red

Aside from being classy and pure, red is also a huge power move of a color. It’s bold, strong, striking, and it makes a statement. Red is also scientifically proven to be attractive and flattering on everyone, so you’re embracing your more sensual side as well.

The Classic Cherry Red Color

Cherry red is a staple bright color that’s always sure to stand out and really make a statement. It’s a classic that we associate with old-school hot rods and of course, Marilyn Monroe. Painting each of your whole nails this color is an easy way to master the style of the season, and it can translate seamlessly into the summer months if you decide you want to stick with it for a while.

Cherry Red Polka Dots

If you’re not going to find yourself in an itsy bitsy teenie weenie polka dot bikini this spring, you can just wear the style on your nails instead. A bright red polka dot stands out from almost every background nail color you could pick. Try it on a white or beige nail color, a pale pink, or a buttery yellow for a vintage kind of contrast.

Cartoon Cherries

Go the literal route for this trend with a bold cartoon cherry on an accent nail, and paint the rest of your nails red. These cute little cartoon cherries on just a couple nails will make any outfit you wear just a little extra special.

A Small Cherry Print

A tiny cherry print can be an adorable and unique way to try out the cherry trend this season. It’s sweet, simple, and cutesy. Much like the red polka dots we mentioned before, you can also layer these on top of any base color you want, from white, to black, to really anything at all. For some extra bold contrast, try a bright blue under the cherries.

You can try this version of the trend out on just one or two accent nails for a more understated vibe, or go all out with this print on all of your nails.

As you can see, this cherry trend is very versatile, so just pick the idea that resonates most with you and try that first. By the end of spring, you can go through all the different iterations of this trend if that sounds good to you.