Why do Girls Wear Makeup? The Best Answer to the Mythical Question

Why do girls wear makeup
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We’ve all heard the stories of Cleopatra.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the history of the world, Cleopatra regularly indulged in beauty treatments.

She was described by Roman historians as a “woman of surpassing beauty”, who “was brilliant to look upon”.

However, there are also some historians that claim her beauty was all due to makeup.

Historians and writers have written for the value of makeup over the years.

Even Shakespeare in Hamlet writes “I’ve heard all about you women and your cosmetics too.

God gives you one face, but you paint another on top of it.

You dance and prance and lisp, you call God’s creations by pet names, and you excuse your sexpot ploys by pleading ignorance”.

This is a speech Hamlet gives to Ophelia.

With that in mind, men often ask why do girls wear makeup.

They say they enjoy a natural face, but when they see you in your natural form, they ask you to put some makeup.

The question is whether makeup is necessary seasoning, a conniving ploy by manipulative sexpots, or neither.

Ask women why they wear makeup, and you’ll get different responses.

Some will say makeup makes them more confident, some they do not feel complete without makeup, and some will say they are only doing it to experiment with looks and colors.

Is makeup necessary?

Any expert in the makeup industry will tell you one thing for sure, and that is that women wear makeup for themselves.

They do not do it because they want to look beautiful for their man.

Makeup can play a variety of roles in a woman’s life.

For example, they can be playful and creative.

They can use it to build confidence.

And then there is the aspect of feeling powerful.

Every day millions of users ask Google questions like why do girls wear makeup.

Well, we have the answer to that.

Makeup has become a necessary aspect of our society.

When a woman goes out without makeup, it feels like she is making a statement.

Most recently, Alicia Keys stressed the importance of being natural and leaving home without any makeup on.

But on the other side, you have cosmetics companies that rely on women’s insecurities.

Due to years of exposure to images of physical perfection in mainstream media, women nowadays think they have to look like the girl on the cover of a magazine.

But no matter whether you approve or not makeup, here are some reasons why do women wear makeup.

7 Quick Reasons why women wear makeup


Who doesn’t love to feel confident? Feeling confident while wearing makeup is a rewarding feeling for women.

Think of it as “hard work being paid off in a full face of glitter, expensive formulas, and matte making your face change”.

People, and men mostly, do not fully understand that a woman becomes a completely different person with makeup.

For example, on days you are feeling low, makeup can be a great confidence booster.

Your perspective for day to day tasks may change because you are feeling pretty.


You might not understand this, but girls certainly do.

One of the reasons why do girls wear makeup is art.

Applying makeup is an actual form of art.

You cannot get good at it overnight.

Applying makeup is a constant practice and learning curve.

You need to make sure you have a steady hand, and make sure you always apply all of the necessary ingredients.

You need to understand your skin type, your T-zone, and much more.

We all apply makeup differently, because each and every one of us is different.

With that in mind, makeup can help you express your individuality, and that is a form of art.


Speaking of art and expressing individuality, makeup is also a good way to express your creativity.

Think of combinations like blue lipstick, green eye shadow, and purple lips.

Those are not weird, they are creative ways to wear makeup.

If you can make some colors look great on you, that shows your creativity.

Makeup lovers enjoy being creative.

Correction of things

Every woman will confess she has an area of her face that she doesn’t love.

Some would say they hate their cheeks.

Some would say they have under eye circles.

And while being self-conscious is great, you still want to look good.

That is where makeup comes in handy.

Makeup will help you correct things that you cannot correct in any other way.

Think of all the emergency situations makeup can help you, including zits, blackheads, and blotchiness.

Whether you admit it or not, these are times when you need a little dab of foundation here and there.


There are people that are not insecure, but they still love makeup.


Well, for starters, they love the benefits of what makeup can actually do.

We mentioned how makeup can help you cover things you do not like.

But it can also help you enhance your favorite parts of your face.

For example, if you have great eyebrows, makeup will make them look even better.

How to properly apply makeup

As mentioned previously, applying makeup is a form of art.

Not everyone can do it, and you cannot learn how to do it overnight.

Some are good, some are not as good in applying makeup.

With that in mind, here are some tips that can help you.

For a more comprehensive learning curve, you can check some YouTube tutorials and learn more about how to apply makeup.

But the following tips are bread and butter.

  • Understand your skin, as your skin type will determine the foundation you need to use. Liquid and hydrating powder works for dry skin, while matte products work best on oily skin
  • Pick a foundation shade that matches your neck, arms, and chest, not your face. The goal is for your foundation to blend with your neck and arm
  • Use powder to reduce shine if you have oily skin
  • Choose the right bronzer. If you need subtle look, go for a matte formula, while shimmer bronze will help you highlight and enhance features of your face
  • Dark tones of bronzer can age you, so use them with caution
  • Similar as with foundation, your skin type determines the blush you need to use. Opt for powder or cream blush for normal to oily skin
  • The ideal lipstick should enhance the natural shade of your pucker. Select a tone that minimizes the chances of a mismatch, and find a color in the same region of the hue of your lip color
  • When it comes to a lip liner, a nude or natural color will be more versatile compared to colorful lip liners
  • Last, but not least, for your eye shadow, choose matte formulas to give your skin smoother look. Brown and taupe natural tones will flatter your skin, while gray and muted purples will give you a classic look

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