5 Tips For Keeping Your Nails Strong And Healthy

Nail care is just as important as taking care of your overall health. Not only does it make your nail look good, strong, and long, but you could also prevent any infection from happening, which can compromise your entire health.  

Nail care is a process of taking extra caution and maintenance to your nails. For easier nail care activity, you might want to consider visiting a nail salon like Nails A More. On top of this, going to a nail salon allows you to have your favorite nail polish color for better nail care experience.

Moreover, listed below are the tips on how you can keep your nails healthy and strong all the time:  

1. Stop Biting Your Nails 

If you have a habit of biting your nails, it’s best to quit now for a healthy set of nails. Biting your nails or removing your cuticles does harm to your nails. Not only can it damage the appearance of your nails, but you could also develop fungal infections along with dental damage. 

While it can be challenging to quit biting your nails immediately, especially if it’s been your long-term habit, you should try your best to stop by ensuring you trim your nails more often. One effective way is identifying the root cause of your nail-biting tendency. Take time to identify what triggers your nail-biting habit and look for ways to prevent yourself from biting your nails.  

2. Maintain A Proper Nail Shape 

Maintaining your nails to a proper length could help prevent your nails from breaking. Ideally, you should avoid having long nails and try to keep them short and round as much as possible.  

In addition, to prevent breakage, having round-shaped nails would be best to avoid tangling them from other everyday things you do, such as washing your hair, grabbing a shirt, or scratching your back.  

As you cut and shape your nails, you shouldn’t also forget to file them afterward to ensure the ends are smooth and have no sharp edges. With a smooth finish, you can avoid getting damage that can ruin your nails’ appearance and condition.  

3. Wear Dish Gloves 

As you clean the dishes, it’ll be helpful to wear dish gloves as continuous exposure to hot and soapy water can weaken your nails since they dry out your nail’s natural oils. To keep your nails and skin healthy while washing the dishes, wearing dish gloves would be the best option to allow yourself to fulfill your chores without harming your hands.  

4. Wash Your Hands Regularly  

One of the most basic care you can provide for your nails is washing them regularly with hand soap and water. As you wash your hands, ensure you clean everything, including your nail bed, cuticles, and the gap under the nail. While it may be tough to reach those places, when you choose to skip the process, you can anticipate bacteria build-up leading to infections.  

When washing your hands, ensure that you can no longer see any dirt build up under your nails. You can also choose to brush your nails using a spare toothbrush to ensure that you can thoroughly remove dirt and bacteria from your nails. Moreover, you should end it by drying it well with a hand towel to prevent them from drying.  

5. Avoid Using Too Many Chemicals 

Your nail produces natural oils to keep them healthy and strong. However, people may want to add a nail polish to allow for a great nail to take place. While it can be relaxing and fun to paint your nails with colors, you may want to consider giving your nails enough time to rest.   

For your regular polish, you can expect it to chip after four to seven days, making you remove them and switch to a new color. For gel and acrylic, nail polish may last up to two weeks. As your nail color starts to fade or chip, you shouldn’t immediately apply a new color but instead allow your nail to breathe for a week and feel free to use a new color.  

Moreover, it would be great to purchase nail polish without harsh chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate, as they can harm your nails. You can choose to bring your own bottle to the nail salon to ensure its authenticity.  


Your nails need more than just to look pretty. You shouldn’t forget to practice proper nail care to prevent any fungal infection and other infections that it can bring. With that, you should always take extra care of your nails by quitting nail-biting, protecting your hands when dishwashing, trimming and filing the nail, regularly washing the nails, and limiting chemical use.  

With a perfectly healthy set of nails, you won’t have to go through the worry of breaking your nails during your day out. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget your toenails as well.