30 Flapper Hairstyles For A Sassy Vintage Chick Look

In the roaring twenties, a dynamic shift in women’s fashion and cultural norms gave rise to the flapper—a symbol of rebellion and self-reliance. We recognize flappers for their bold choices: embracing bobbed haircuts, indulging in vibrant jazz tunes, and donning attire that challenged traditional expectations. Iconic for their short skirts and cropped hairstyles, flappers became synonymous with a distinct aesthetic that remains influential in today’s fashion scene.

One enduring aspect of the flapper persona is the variety of hairstyles that have transcended time. Whether it’s the classic sleek bob associated with screen siren Louise Brooks or the playful pixie cuts, these vintage flapper hairstyles continue to be a source of inspiration for those seeking a touch of sassiness. Our appreciation for this era isn’t just about the styles; it’s about the spirit of independence and strength that these women embodied—a timeless trait that is as relevant now as it was then.

Where Does The Term Flapper Come From?

In the 1920s, a distinct breed of young women emerged and were coined flappers. Our fascination with them stems from their audacity to defy the conventional norms imposed on women of earlier generations. They embraced jazz music with zeal, which became synonymous with their lifestyle of liberation and rebellion.

Year Influence
1920s The dawn of the flapper era

Flappers became icons of vintage fashion, with their signature short hairstyles expressing a physical manifestation of their autonomy. Actresses like Mary Pickford and Louise Brooks championed these cuts, inspiring countless women to adopt what was then a provocative style. Hollywood’s recruitment of European talents, including Hedy Lamarr and Greta Garbo, further solidified the flapper image.

  • Young women used flapper charms to attract men.
  • Symbolized a challenge to traditional gender roles.
  • Criticized by the older generation, yet undeniably influential.

We recognize the flapper as an enduring symbol of the 1920s, a testament to a transformative chapter in women’s social history.

1. Smooth Chunky Finger Curls In Medium Hair

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  • Create with a curling iron: For defined curls, use a medium-barrel iron.
  • Form each curl: Wrap sections around fingers, then pin to cool.
  • Finish: Use a fine-tooth comb to sculpt a vintage vibe.

2. Long Curly With Flipped Bangs

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We admire the timeless elegance of long curly hairstyles accompanied by flipped bangs—a hallmark of 1920s glamour. The attention to detail often lies in adding a simple yet defining accessory such as a feather.

3. Gatsby with Pin Curl Bun

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Complete Your Gatsby Look:

  • Hair: Master the Pin Curl Bun.
  • Elegance: Channel the sophistication of Daisy Buchanan.
  • Occasion: Perfect for Gatsby-themed events or any festive gathering.

Remember, it’s not just a style, it’s capturing an era. A touch of the lavish parties right in our tresses.

4. Tassled Curls

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  • Hair Mousse: Essential for volume and grip.
  • Tresemmé Extra Hold Hair Gel: Keeps curls defined.
  • Hairspray: Ensures longevity for our party curls.
Product Use
Hair Mousse Prep hair
Tresemmé Gel Shape curls
Hairspray Set style

5. Jumbo Pin Curl Bangs UpDo

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  • Start with voluminous curls.
  • Pin curls to create a high bang.
  • Ensure fullness and hold with hairspray.


  • Focus on pronounced volume.
  • Opt for high-shine finish.

6. Balayaged Faux Bob


We remember the faux bob trend from a time when bobs weren’t the norm. Before it became iconic through shows like Friends, many opted for this style. Our appreciation for balayage, however, has been a constant, perfectly enhancing the faux bob look.

Era Style Popularity
Pre-1990s Faux bob Niche
1990s+ Bob Mainstream
  • Pre-Friends: Faux bob less known
  • Post-Friends: Bob haircut gains fame
  • Balayage: Always a beloved technique

7. Blonde Glamorous Curls

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  • Blonde hair maintains its fashion status.
  • Long known for its versatility, specifically through eras showcasing flowy curls.
  • Embracing curly hair transcends time, with each period redefining elegance.

8. Pixie Finger Waves

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  • Hair Type: Pixie cut or ear-length bob
  • Occasion: Vintage parties
  • Styling Product: Hair gel
  1. Apply gel evenly.
  2. Shape waves around the face.
  3. Allow hair to set.

Vintage charm reimagined.

9. Red Bob Curls With Blonde Tips

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  • Era: Roaring ’20s
  • Style: Bold red bob
  • Accent: Blonde tips

10. Medium Curls On One Side

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We style medium-length hair into side-swept curls, projecting simple elegance. For definition, we complement the look with bold lips — a nod to the flapper sophistication.

11. Silver Elegant Waves on Bob

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  • Style: Chin-length bob
  • Character: Sophisticated elegance
  • Origin: Classic flapper era

Our admiration lies with the timeless bob, known for its refined waves and distinguished flair.

12. Finger Waves With Chignon Bun

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  • Steps:
    1. Create classic finger waves at the front.
    2. Sweep the hair into a side bun.
    3. Secure with bobby pins to finish the chignon.

13. Pin Curls Bouquet

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  • Essential for Vintage Looks: We achieve authentic 1920s hairstyles with pin curls.
  • Tools: Utilize pins and bobby pins to secure curls.
  • Result: Our curls gain definition and style.

14. Small Beehive With Pin Curl Updo

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  • Timeless Elegance: A beehive updo with pin curls strikes a balance — neither too grand nor too understated.
  • Perfect Harmony: We achieve a soft, yet glamorous aesthetic, ideal for those seeking a middle ground in style.
  • Styling Tip: Embrace the versatility of this updo for any event.

15. Braided Pastel Flapper

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Our inspiration comes from the enchanting flapper era, perfect for a romantic vibe. Incorporate a headband braid to frame the face, and opt for sleek bangs to complement the softness of the braids. Here’s how we suggest styling the look:

  • Begin with smooth, detangled hair.
  • Create a thin headband braid.
  • Allow bangs to fall naturally for a feminine touch.

16. Straight Bob Bombshell With Bangs

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  • Bob Cut: Classic and chic, a straight bob remains a timeless choice for those seeking a polished look.
  • Short Hair: Ideal for showcasing facial features and easing daily maintenance.
  • Bangs: Adds a touch of playfulness, framing the face beautifully.

We embrace this style as both a tribute to iconic beauty and a statement of modern elegance.

17. Elegant Finger Waves With Pull Through Bun On Pink Hair

  • We embrace the timeless elegance of 1920s-style finger waves combined with a modern pull through bun.
  • Our choice of pink adds a daring yet graceful twist to this classic hairstyle.

18. Shaggy Tousled Flapper

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We embrace the shaggy flapper revival for its ability to boost hair texture and volume. Our steps to master this style:

  • Prepare: Start with a heat protectant
  • Style: Use a flat iron for defined waves
  • Finish: Apply frizz control for a polished look

19. Balayaged Twist And Tuck Flapper Updo

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Quick Style Guide:

  • Time Required: A few minutes
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Result: Exudes confidence


  1. Twist hair
  2. Tuck ends securely

20. Side Swept Slick Finger Waves With Chandelier Headpiece

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  • Side-Swept Style: We opt for a deep side part to accentuate the slick, glistening finger waves.
  • Adornments: We incorporate rhinestones along the waves, adding a touch of elegance.
  • Headpiece: Our choice is a striking chandelier headpiece, a nod to the opulent past.

21. Rose Gold Large Finger Waves On Faux Bob

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  • Glamour Touch: We incorporate rose gold hues, elevating the vintage charm.
  • Vintage Appeal: Our finger waves reminisce the voluminous, classic styles.
  • Accessorizing: We weave in subtle pearl accents for an enhanced luxurious feel.

22. Glamorous Finger Waves

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  • Sophistication: We achieve this look with structured, sophisticated curls.
  • Styling Products: Liberal use of hair gel and spray ensures lasting hold.
  • Historical Popularity: A staple in the roaring 1920s.
  • Versatility: Adaptable for a simple or luxurious appearance.

Our take on finger waves exudes elegance, perfect for special events.

23. Red Pinwheel Finger Waves

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  • Perfect for special occasions: We recommend them for events where you want to make an impression.
  • Durability concern: We’ve found that maintaining the style overnight can be challenging, often not withstanding sleep.
  • Styling Tips: Generous use of hairspray is advised, yet we caution it might not be a foolproof solution for longer durations.

24. Curly Faux Bob Updo

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  • Step 1: Gather our curls loosely at the nape.
  • Step 2: Secure with pins for that romantic flair.
  • Step 3: Achieve at home swiftly for an elegant transformation.

25. Straight Lob With Bangs And Feathered Headpiece

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Hairstyle: Straight Lob
  • Bangs: Yes
  • Accessories:
    • Feathered Headband
    • Vintage Flair

We opt for a lob—timeless, flattering—with bangs to frame our visage. A feathered headpiece infuses an air of classic elegance to our ensemble.

26. Side Pin Curls With Straight Side Bangs

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  • Trend: Side pin curls with straight side bangs offer a timeless charm.
  • Benefits: Our face shape is complemented by the soft, relaxed vibe of side bangs.
  • Style: Achieve a blend of vintage and modern by incorporating straight parts.

27. Ginger Smooth Flapper Updo With Side Blown Bangs

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  • Clip-on bangs add a modern twist
  • Ideal for weddings or formal events
  • Merges elegance with a touch of sass

28. Asymmetrical Bob With Finger Waves And Pin Curls With Green Highlights

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Feature Details
Haircut Style Asymmetrical Bob
Styling Technique Finger Waves, Pin Curls
Color Accent Green Highlights
  • Embrace the trend of unconventional shapes.
  • Opt for daring, green-tinted accents among classic waves.
  • Perfect for an edgy, yet sophisticated look.

29. Slick Low Bun With Peacock Headpiece

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  • Fashion Focus: Peacock headpiece combined with a low bun
  • Inspiration: Draws allure from Ancient Greece
  • Style Notes:
    • Low bun: A sleek, timeless choice
    • Headpiece: Adds dramatic flair; signifies mystique
  • Popular Among: Flapper community
  • Visual Appeal: Striking, with cultural depth

30. Curly Finger Faves

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Finger Waves: An iconic 1920s hairstyle.
  • Heritage: Integral to the Flappers movement.
  • Occasion: Perfect for a Gatsby or vintage-themed party.

We’ve covered a timeless classic, ensuring you’re event-ready with a touch of historical elegance.