24 Fabulous Fulani Braid Looks You’ll Want Now

Fulani braids, a distinctive and stylish form of braiding, have recently seen a surge in popularity, thanks in part to high-profile figures like Alicia Keys and the Kardashians showcasing the look. As a striking protective style, these braids are more than just a fashion statement—they are steeped in the rich cultural heritage of the Fulani people, a nomadic group from West Africa. The design typically features a central cornrow that runs from the forehead to the nape, side cornrows braided towards the front, and a braid encircling the head, often adorned with beads or other decorative pieces.

Embracing the Fulani braid trend is not just about participating in the latest style; it’s also an opportunity to connect with a tradition that spans centuries. The varied patterns and embellishments of the braids hold meaning and can signify social status, wealth, and marital status among the Fulani. As a versatile and protective hairstyle, Fulani braids offer numerous styling options and can contribute to healthier natural hair by protecting it from breakage. Whether adorned on red carpets or featured in magazine covers by icons such as Rihanna, Gabrielle Union, and Beyoncé, these braids are an expression of identity and artistry.

1.Fulani Braids With Beads And Rings

loose beaded fulani braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We incorporate a blend of traditional and modern elements in our Fulani braids.

Accessories Description
Beads Varied colors and sizes
Cuffs Bronze and golden highlights
Rings Delicate, interspersed
Shells Classic cowrie shells
  • Braids with Beads: Aesthetic enhancement with diverse bead patterns.
  • Hair Cuffs: Bronze hair cuffs add a metallic charm.
  • Jewelry: Complementary rings bring a balanced sophistication.

2. Double Top Braids With Wooden And Metal Accessories

metal and wooden brads double rings
Photo: Instagram.com

We often pair Fulani braids with unique adornments. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Beads: Choose wooden beads for a natural appeal.
  • Metal Accents: Integrate metal rings for a contrast.
  • Placement: Center two braids and accessorize.
  • Simplicity: Even simple patterns stand out with these additions.

Remember, a minimalistic approach can still command attention.

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3. Kid-Friendly Fulani Braids

kid friendly fulani braids
Photo: Pinterest.com
  • Fulani braids, perfect for children.
  • Protects edges while maintaining style.
  • Cornrows with a gentle curve safeguard the hairline.
  • Decorative beads add a playful touch.
  • Adorn with a side bow for an extra charm.
  • Baby hairs styled softly for a delicate finish.

4. Fulani Pigtail Double Braids

fulani inspired pigtails double braids
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Accessorizing: We often incorporate braid rings.
  • Style Points: The look is carefree yet striking.
  • Customization: We can add additional hair adornments.
  • Face-Framing: This style accentuates the face with strategic braiding.
  • Ponytails: Two spirited ponytails serve as the focal point of this hairstyle.

5.  Fulani In High Pony With Royal Bangs

fulani high pony with half crown bangs

We incorporate gold thread into our Fulani braids for that regal touch. Our preferred styling includes:

  • High ponytail with intricate cornrows
  • Crescent-shaped braided bangs
  • Embellishments: gold cuffs and a central shell

This look exudes a majestic aura.

6. Back And Front Ringed Fulani High Pony

fulani brack and front braids rings
Photo: Pinterest.com

We opt for Fulani braids to elevate our high ponytail with a distinctive touch. Our stylized pony boasts ornate front detailing. We embrace a surprise element—a sequence of rings neatly adorning the central cornrow at the back. This hairstyle merges tradition with modern flair.

  • Front Accent: Traditional adornments.
  • High Ponytail: Elegantly wrapped, secured high.
  • Rear Detail: Rings on back cornrow.

Each style element is carefully chosen for both aesthetics and cultural significance, crafting a balanced combination of classic and contemporary.

7. Triple Center Cornrow Fulani With Loose Curly Hair

half loose fulani with wooden beads triplecenter cornrow
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Triple Center Braids: Three intertwined cornrows form the core styling element.
  • Accentuating Curls: Curly hair left loose beyond the nape enhances a semi-braided look.
  • Styling Variation: Swirls and curls bring a dynamic contrast to structured Fulani braid patterns.
  • Accessorizing: Wooden beads can be added for a personalized touch.
  • Weight Consideration: Half-braided design offers a lightweight, comfortable alternative.

8. Double Bun Fulani Braids

fulani space buns
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Structure: We create the buns with a mix of natural hair and extensions.
  • Texture: The braids add a distinctive texture.
  • Styling Tips: Incorporate various braid sizes and accessories for a party-ready look.

9. Half Fulani/Half Afro

half fulani half afro
Photo: Instagram.com

We recommend a chic hairstyle blending the natural Afro texture with Fulani-inspired accents. For practicality and flair:

  • Braid the front: Keeps hair away from the face.
  • Add Beads: Clear or wooden beads enhance the style.

10. Amber Fulani Braided Bun With Crossed Looped Bangs

cross looped forehead orange bun
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color: Amber
  • Style: Single Bun
  • Details:
    • Double cornrows at the center
    • Crossed loops at the sides
    • Adorned with silver beads and cuffs

We embrace the balance of simplicity and detail with our Amber Fulani braided bun. The crossed-looped bangs add a unique elegance, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated yet understated look.

11. Regal High Bun

micro fulani high bun
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style Essence: A high bun achieves an elegant demeanor with minimal effort.
  • Characteristic Charm: Synonymous with the Fulani braid style, secured at the crown.
  • Adornments: The strategic placement of chunky beads enhances visual flair.

Our regal bun encapsulates simplicity married with sophistication—optimal for celebratory affairs.

12. Burgundy Fulani Bun

red fulani
Photo: Instagram.com

We recommend this look for a refreshing seasonal update.

  • Color: Burgundy braids for a vibrant summer vibe
  • Style: Can be worn in a bun or loose
  • Accessories: Gold beads are the perfect complement

13. Red Loose Fulani

red fulani
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color: Intense red hue
  • Style: Minimalist; focuses on the vibrancy of the hair
  • Accessories: Sparse; red beads and subtle tie-in strings
  • Braids: Combination of full and half-done braids to enhance texture

14. Fulani Updo Two Ways

fulani in half up top knot and braided bun
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Half-Up Bun: Elevate the classic Fulani braids by securing the top section into a chic knot.
  • Twisted Halo Bun: Transform your braids into an ethereal halo by twisting them around the crown.

15. Fulani With Halo Braids

fulani with halo braids
Photo: cosmopolitan.com
  • Milkmaid Braid Variation: We incorporate cornrows at the front, centering one and enhancing the look with beads.
  • Style Essence: We achieve elegance and simplicity, embodying a regal aesthetic with this sophisticated style.

16. Chunky Cross Cornrow Fulani Braids

chunky cross fulani braids

We opt for Chunky Cross Cornrow Fulani braids for effortless style and time-saving benefits. This variation allows us to:

  • Maintain the Fulani essence
  • Incorporate dual cross-patterns
  • Enjoy chunkier braids for quicker installation

These braids are not only a statement look but also practical for those with busier lifestyles.

17. Half Done Fulani With Twisted Curls

half fulani with twisted curls
Photo: Instagram.com

We suggest adorning the front braids with assorted chunky beads. For the rest, opt for soft twisted curls—ideal for a summer look refresh.

18.  Casual And Evening Fulani Braids

braidd bun and casual fulani
Photo: Instagram.com

We can style Fulani braids in two distinct ways:

  • Casual Look: Wear the braids down for everyday versatility.
  • Evening Elegance: Twist them into a bun for special occasions.

19. Fulani Mohawk

fulani mohawk
Photo: Pinterest.com
  • The Fulani Mohawk merges cultural tradition with modern style.
  • Our natural hair can craft the raised center characteristic of a mohawk.
  • Bo braids on the sides complement the look, infusing elegance.
  • Achieves a faux hawk effect with a softer, refined edge.

20. Micro Fulani Sunburst Cornrows

fulani micro sunburst
Photo: Instagram.com

In this style, micro braids radiate in a sunburst pattern. We often adorn the look with gold cuffs to highlight the design. This hairstyle typically brings a bright, serene vibe, making it ideal for summer flair.

  • Pattern: Sunburst around central cornrows
  • Accessories: Optional gold cuffs
  • Feel: Zen, graceful

21. Fulani Bantu Knots With Fishtail Braid

bantu knots with fishtail fulani
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Combination: Bantu knots meet a fishtail braid for a striking Fulani style.
  • Versatility: A perfect blend for those times when choosing one style isn’t enough.
  • Appearance: A harmonious balance that demonstrates how eclectic styles can work together beautifully.

22. Fulani With Knotless Crochet

fulani with knotless crochet at the back
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Extensions: Blend seamlessly with natural hair.
  • Technique: Utilizes knotless crochet for a natural appearance.
  • Advantages:
    • No knots visible for an authentic look.
    • Combines traditional Fulani and modern crochet styles efficiently.
    • Suitable for individuals exploring crochet braids.

23. Thick Fulani Braids

thick fulani braids
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Length Variations: Available in waist-length and shoulder-length.
  • Texture: Optimally thick for a balanced look.
  • Design: Features cornrows with a distinctive spider leg appearance.
  • Accent Braid: Incorporates a contrasting colored braid for added interest.
  • Accessories: Minimal to highlight the braids’ clean silhouette.

24. Fulani Tribal Space Buns

fulani-tribal space buns
Photo: Instagram.com
  • Structure: High front double buns
  • Style: Half-up, incorporating tribal pattern cornrows
  • Impression: A blend of traditional flair and contemporary charm

We observe a playful yet intricate hairstyle rooted in cultural aesthetics. Our attention is on the ample space at the back, giving the cornrows a distinct canvas to showcase their designs. This look stands out for its balanced fusion of fun and tradition.